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American Apparel Has GOT To Chill…

Y’all remember these mannequins  from American Apparel, right?

Yeah, that happened.  It was right outside of their door.  Well.  They have done it again.  If you go to their website and look at their advertisement for their new line of miniskirts, this is what you will find:

And…just NO.

It’s not okay.  I am not a prude.  I am not unaware nor am I against women being sexual.  But THIS?  This is disgusting. And completely unnecessary.

We absolutely expect American Apparel ads to be quite sexualized, as they have long been known for their borderline (sometimes straight-up) pornographic depiction of women. And even if the skirts are too short for our taste, if you want to wear them, that’s your prerogative. The reason why we think this photo is so creepy (besides the obvious) is that there are 20 different ways to showcase the skirt in a sexy way that doesn’t involve a girl bending over. In fact, we don’t really know what that skirt looks like, because all we can see is what’s going on underneath the skirt. And that is what makes our skin crawl.

Is the intention of the ad to assure women that if you bend over in this skirt, people will see your underwear-clad nether regions? Because usually that puts a skirt we are considering purchasing in the “con” category. In fact, we usually bend over when trying on skirts solely to make sure that we don’t get the result of this photo. So…what’s the point of this ad? Oh, that’s right. There is no point besides: “Here is a woman bending over in a skirt.”

{via E!}

Sooooooo in looking for a picture to use for this post I Googled “American Apparel” and went to the images.  It gets MUCH worse. Much much worse.  Like…wut?

Bobbi Kristina Sings “I’m Your Baby Tonight”

I’m actually not sure why this video of Bobbi Kristina is surfacing now, probably because this happened the other day:


“Smoking cigarettes.”  Okay, girl.

Listen.  It’s not there.  At all.  And I’m not saying that expecting for her to sound like Whitney, NOBODY ever will. But she doesn’t even sound like Rihanna. It’s bad.  It’s really really bad.

But it’s also funny.  Very very funny.  Cause she’s REALLY into it.  And the musical director? He ought to be ashamed of himself.  Y’all saw him fake grooving? No sir. Stop the madness.

Kanye West Was QUIETLY Booked At A Police Station Yesterday

Kanye West. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

Oh. But you can count on TMZ to get all up in your business.

Kanye West slinked into a police station for less than an hour Thursday … when no one was looking.

Kanye was booked in connection with his misdemeanor battery case … for beating on a photog at LAX.  He pled no contest earlier this month and was required to turn himself in for booking.

So Kanye — and his crafty lawyer — chose yesterday at 4:30 PM.  He went to the Hollywood LAPD station and got his mug shot taken and then got fingerprinted.  It took a grand total of 49 minutes and he was out.

Kanye has to keep his nose clean for 2 years and also has to attend 24 private therapy sessions for anger management.

I’m just excited that he has to attend therapy. Maybe they’ll get to address his grief and depression as well.

Beyonce Bids Farewell to The Mrs. Carter World Tour

Beyonce completed her last stop of the Mrs. Carter World Tour last night in Lisbon.  She then uploaded this video:


And just in case you were wondering if it’s over:


“Until next time, cause it ain’t over yet!” – Beyonce

YASSSSSSSS Mrs. Carter!!!!!!

Thursday night in Lisbon, Portugal, Yonce completed the final Mrs. Carter World Tour show and cried diamond tears all over the stage while thanking her fans and crew for, essentially, allowing her to rake i a cool $200 million. Mid-speech, Beyonce begins to cry, telling the crowd she’s giving them an “ugly cry” (so like, take out your phones, y’all!)  as she continued to recap the past year.

“I want a [spotlight]. I want them to see me,” she said. “If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago and I want to say this has been such a journey. In the past year, we’ve been through so much together. The Super Bowl, shooting the videos, all of these shows. When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet. I just want you to know that I am so lucky.”

Watch The Queen make her final remarks about the tour here.

Also, Mrs. Carter fell last night. And got up like:

One whole year of touring. Other shows in between. Makes an ENTIRE surprise album with ZERO leaks. Campaigns. $200,000,000.00. 132 shows. Yeah. ONE fall ain’t bad.  It ain’t bad at all.  ESPECIALLY when you get up like that.

Until next time, Mrs. Carter!!!

“Mama Said Knock You Out” – Scandal (review)

This was one of the BEST episodes of Scandal I’ve seen.  This is one of those episodes where I was sad that I was sober. And feared death by heart attack.

– Hm. Something ain’t right about these kids.

– Quinn isn’t fooling anybody.  She is going to die.

-Okay so EVERYBODY is going to die. Liv leaving tracks digging into B6-13.

– MELLIE!!!!!!! Girl! You KNOW your kids are home!?!?!??!?!?!?! Did y’all see Liv’s face?

– Ole girl working with Mama Pope in here talkign to Liv? She’s gonna die.

– She saw her mamma on her knees y’all. LAWD.

-Y’all catch Liv’s face when Mellie came out that room?


-“I’m not your b*tch” – I almost got attracted to Jake again…then I remembered. But MY GOODNESS.

-When Fitz was trying to “hold Cyrus back”….Jake was standing back there chillin giving ZERO fawks.

-“I’m sorry for your loss” – We’ve lost Jake, y’all. He’s gone.  Outta there. Evil. Done. Satan has officially snuck into his spirit.

-“I’d rather be a traitor than what you are, Livvy.” – Y’all. Liv gets talked down to by EVERYBODY.  Her dad STAYS reading her.  Her mom lowkey reads her. Liv really should be on some type of antidepressant. And in intense therapy. Probably something for anxiety as well.

– But Fitz. WAIT.

(at this point in the show I have verbally reacted about 4 times.  This show is going to give me a heart attack)

– Yup. Sick to my stomach when Quinn kisses Huck.

– OH. So THIS is how Shonda is going to get Columbus Short outta here. Nice while it lasted, Harrison.

– “So you aren’t dead inside.” <— LMAO. Fitz. BYE. I can’t. You men act JUST like Fitz. Screwing everything in sight but can’t handle when your woman…oh wait…SKRRRRRRT…not letting your husband touch you…for TEN YEARS?  Lemme think about this.

– LIV. WILL. NOT. LEARN. She had to be put in the position to be reminded that that man IS married and him wanting to talk to his WIFE basically trumps whatever the side chick is wanting at the moment. OOP.

– Coming home and finding out that someone has moved themselves into YOUR house. NOPE.

-Look at Cyrus’ daughter. CUTE.

– Look at this part in Teddy’s hair.  Looking like Hitler.

LOOK AT Y’ALL.  Don’t waste ANY time, huh!?