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My Thoughts: Comparing The NBA To Slavery

I’ve heard the comparison of the NBA to the slave trade or slavery in the past, but of course given the statements made by Donald Sterling, this sentiment has crept back up.

A while ago, I completely grasped it. I understood why people made the comparison.  Seeing humns waiting to see who was going to pay the most to get them and to see players get dropped or traded whenever the specific organization felt like it….yeah.

But you know what?  The comparison is COMPLETELY misguided.

First of all, let us not forget that those who enter into any major sports league do so VOLNTARILY.  In fact, many would tell you it was their dream to do so.  What they have worked toward all of their lives.  There is NOBODY, not ONE player, who is being FORCED to stay in the league against their will.  Nobody is being threatened to be killed, raped, beaten, or otherwise inhumanely treated if they do not play or stay in the league.

Next (and finally, actually ), THEY ARE RICH.  Even the lowest paid player in the NBA earnes more than $400,000.00 (via Wiki). I mean COME. ON.

So yeah.  I think it’s time we all stopped comparing these sports leagues to slavery and the slave trade.  Mainly because it demeans the experience of slaves in the first place.  There ARE people who are in captivity even now (sex slaves, etc), and I am SURE they would prefer the situation of a player who never gets off of the bench to their current situation.

So yeah.  Let’s stop that, okay?

Well. Tank WAS Supposed To Sing The National Anthem at Clippers v. Warriors Game 5…

But he isn’t anymore according to TMZ:

R & B singer Tank has joined the boycott against Donald Sterling … REFUSING to go ahead with his plan to sing the National Anthem at Tuesday’s Clippers game.

Tank tells TMZ, “As an African American man and artist, I must take a stand on a matter that is so deeply personal to me.”

Tank goes on, “In light of the recent disturbing and offensive allegations, in good conscience, I cannot move forward with my scheduled appearance at Tuesday’s Los Angeles Clippers game.”

Tank tells us he won’t associate his brand with an owner who makes minorities unwelcome.

Tank ends by saying he won’t do anything for the entire NBA until the league completes its investigation.


THIS is the kind of action that we need.  This is it.

Arian Foster Responds to Donald Sterling Controversy

The Clippers are set to play the Warriors tomorrow…at The Staples Center.  Questions have come up asking if the players should even play (given where the game is set to be played.)  Arian Foster weighs in.


^^The question

^^The answer.


I know it’s hard to say what one would do given a situation they have never had to face, but I believe Arian on this one.

It’s BIGGER than basketball (or any other sport).  This is the comment I made on my Facebook page yesterday when the comment was made that the players shouldn’t play in the game yesterday:

“I completely understand that position, and almost immediately went that route.

However, I wonder if that would do more harm than good? I’m hoping they want to get traded, etc. And they still need to keep up their personal stats etc.

Now. On the other hand, I believe this is why us blacks of today can’t get anything done in unity. We are worried about our jobs, finances, etc as opposed to being willing to give all of that up to make a point and FORCE action. Our people back in the day were QUICK to march, sit in, etc to facilitate change. We don’t have that in us anymore.”

Much respect to the Clippers for this though:

{via Bleacher Report}

Warren G Says He’s Interested In Doing 20 Year “Regulate” Remake With….



I wanted to read this piece.  I really really did.  But after this part was highlighted, I just gave up:

These days, Warren is prepping an EP tentatively titled “This Is That Summer Music,” and as part of a planned 20th anniversary album, he’s considering recording an updated version of “Regulate.” Rather than serve up a sequel to the story — something that might be difficult, since Nate Dogg sadly died of complications from strokes in 2011 — he’s hoping to enlist some of today’s stars to offer their take. Nothing is definite, but he sites Macklemore as someone he’d be interested in working with.

{via Billboard}

Out of ALL of the artists.  ALL. OF. THE. ARTISTS. You choose to name Macklemore (MACKLEMORE!) as someone you’d like to work with FOR THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF “REGULATE”!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The answer, Warren G, is not only “no.” But “HELL NO.”

That would definitely destroy it and if you DO decide to move forward with this I hope that record flops and I hope your 20th anniversary album goes straight styrofoam.


This has upset me.  And now I have to listen to the real song before the new trash comes out so I can always remember my roots.

Beyonce Gives Us “Standing On The Sun”


Beyonce has done it again by releasing the full version of  “Standing On The Sun.”

Like all things music wise, timing is key. Beyoncé, who taught a class on this via her surprise self-titled album, did it again on a smaller level by unveiling the full version of “Standing On The Sun.”

A snippet of the song originally appeared in an H&M commercial over a year ago. With summer on the way, someone deemed it appropriate to premiere the entire jam. Queen Bey sings fun-loving, and often sexually charged, lyrics over a Reggae-inspired instrumental that’ll inspire listeners to bust a move or two.

Beyoncé fans will appreciate this freebie track, because they only come but so often. Stream “Standing On The Sun” below, and give us your thoughts on the record in the comments section.

{via Hip Hop Wired}

First, the “On The Run” tour, then dropping a song. Beyonce just cannot be stopped!

Get into it!