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Perez Hilton and K. Michelle Get Into It Over…Iggy Azalea?

Yes, you read that right. According to That Grape Juice, K. Michelle threw a little shade at Iggy and Perez … well… did what he does.

Peep it.

You know what….

Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that both of them are a bit silly for this, but… K. Michelle continues to prove that she’s ignorant.  The initial tweet was dumb.

If you’re going to participate in an argument, don’t just say whatever to try and win said argument.  To say that her music is “too good” for her to be on the Billboard Hot 100 is just…stupid (and it’s also a BIG. FAT. LIE.). Her music is on struggle.  No ma’am.  Stop it today. THEN when she got backed into a corner she resulted to superficial insults.  Oh girl. You gotta grow up.

However…I AM dying at #YouNotFancy. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I maintain that you never ever want to get into a wordy spat with a gay man.  He’ll rip you to shreds and you won’t even know what hit you.

Perez won.

Oh No Girl: Bridesmaids do “Drunk In Love” Routine

There are actually no words I can use to introduce this, so I’ll just let y’all watch.

There’s so much that needs to be discussed here. So much. Seriously, where do I even start?

I guess I’ll start from wherever my thoughts went while viewing this tragedy.  FIRST of all, these outfits.  Were these worn in the wedding?  Or did they “design” them just for this “performance?” I get what they were trying to do with the barefoot situation, but was there not an agreement for ALL of them to be barefoot? The LEAST they could’ve done was gone out like this together.

Anyway, the attire is completely inappropriate.  They are sitting on those chairs, in front of those men, with their legs gaped open and thigh meat all out. I mean, there’s a point where they throw it at em, y’all (:30). And why was ole girl in the blue? Please Father don’t tell me she was the bride. Please.

I’m in amazement at the “cheers” they were getting.  Nobody felt uncomfortable? Nobody? There are children in there? And church mothers, too!  They are dressed in their suits and everything! And “Drunk in Love?”  That was the final decision on what song to “perform to” for the BRIDAL PARTY at a WEDDING RECEPTION?

When the ladies went and grabbed the men I really did have to pause it.  Because it was too much for me to handle.  I am not sure if the men are married, but if they are not, this is soooooooooooooo out of line. I finally started it back up, but then ole girl in the front threw her vagina in ole dude’s face with her leg in the air and I had to pause it again.

The men didn’t really seem to be appreciating it that much.  One guy looked like he was straight up confused. LOL I wonder if they were included in the rehearsals? Did they know this was happening?

I definitely would’ve walked straight up to the dj and said it’s time to change the music.  My bridesmaids would have just had to be mad at me. Which…I would never want to talk to them again anyway after this stunt.


This is my something nice.  I like this version of “Drunk In Love.”

LHHATL: “Party Foul” (S:3, E:5 – Review)

Karli Redd

– BWAHAHAHAHA at Karlie driving off in this car?

– Yeah. So I don’t know exactly what Joc was expecting. *shrugs*

– “So my Gucci bag all of a sudden hit that girl face…” <— BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

– “Do you love me?” <— Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


– I really do get disgusted at women throwing themselves at men like Bambi is doing Scrappy. Continuing to ask him if he loves her and all of that. Ugh. Stop it.

– I really am tiiiiiiiiired of him talking like this. Seriously.

– Scrappy is trash AF for telling Bambi’s business like that.  But Pinky is messy AF for bringing that up right there.

– Bambi got Pinky STRAIGHT in her face (I had to rewind).  And Pinky is hitting poles, kicking tables (look at those little baby legs just a kicking!), and screaming, “try me” LOL. Um. well actually…she did more than just try, honey. OOP!

– Scrappy said these women have him in the middle of a situation he doesn’t wanna be in.  Is he serious? Is he really this much of an idiot? Like for real?

– Pinky OUTSIDE the club talking all the noise. Outside. *sigh* Meanwhile, Bambi is inside turning up.


– Look at all of the jealousy dripping from Joseline at her and Waka’s REAL engagement.

– Joseline pointing out Tammy doesn’t have a ring. OOP!

– Tammy said you’d think a woman wanted to be classy for a magazine spread.  Poor thing has a complete misunderstanding of Joseline.


– She called Mimi a pilgrim. LMAO

– “And that’s how I got him to marry me in 2 years and 2 months.” <– Ma’am. But…that’s actually a normal amount of time (for grown-ups)? LOL

– Joseline said she “styles” herself. Yes. We can tell.

– Joseline looked nervous for a split second there when their marriage came up with Benzino. But LOL at “Rose and Blanche.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


– The disgust in Rasheeda’s “really” to Mimi about her porno……

– Ok. So while it is pathetic that Stevie and Joseline are OBVIOUSLY lying about this marriage, Mimi is ridiculously concerned. Seriously, does she not have any other business of her own?  She is going out of her way to be all up in Stevie J’s business. Does she want him back?  Is this a case of “misery loves company?”  Why won’t she just move on?


– He is STRESSED out about this news from Dawn and Mimi. LOL


– Oh how I love Kaleena.

– However. Rasheeda should throw Kirk’s azz out TANIGHT. Yes, TANIGHT. Girl doesn’t have any experience in childcare, and he is going to bring her on to be a nanny? I can’t.


New Music: “Been Getting Money” – Joseline Hernandez :-(

So. Joseline Hernandez has released a video of some new music. I… well … just here.

My thoughts:

The only reason I know about this is because:



I blame him for this assault on my ears.

Listen.  I didn’t know the extent of Stevie J’s producing skills back in the day, and Charlagmagne gave me the receipts on here.  He has fallen off HARD.  I mean WOW.

If you think this is good music then please…just don’t tell me.  I’m serious. Just don’t.

Hazing Files: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated


I don’t get it. I just don’t understand it.  Y’all haven’t learned these kids (and their parents) aren’t having it?

A University of Tennessee fraternity has been suspended after students admitted to hazing.

Student life officials launched an investigation into the UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha after receiving a complaint from a concerned parent.

UT documents show the hazing involved paddling and pouring hot sauce on the pledge’s genitals.

DOCUMENTS: Official UT notice of charges

UT officials say the fraternity wasn’t supposed to be admitting any more members, but a dozen students were trying to gain entry. Ten students denied the hazing, but two admitted it after initially denying it.

UT officials revoked the fraternity’s registration until August 2016, which means it’s no longer considered a campus organization.

The fraternity didn’t have a house on campus. Current membership included fewer than 10 people.

{via WBIR}

Now.  I’m concerned.

Because, while I know there are some necessities of hazing (DISCLAIMER: ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INCORPORATED IS A NON HAZING ORGANIZATION), there are just some things I don’t see the point of.

Where is the brotherhood in men pouring hot sauce on other men’s genitals?  Why are y’all even that close?  That familiar?  Why are you looking at another man’s genitals close enough to aim and get hot sauce on them? Why?  Am I missing something?  Is this normal practice and maybe we’re just now finding out about it?

I’m wondering why all the reports tho? Because trust me, I know some of these things aren’t anything new. Is it that the parents aren’t Greek and aren’t used to what goes on?  Or maybe they are but didn’t have a process (SEE DISCLAIMER)? Did the students not know what to expect when they signed up?  DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO SIT THERE AND LET A MAN POUR HOT SAUCE ON YOUR GENITALS?

Your chapter has less than 10 people and you’re  doing the most.

See y’all in 2016 mayne.