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McDonald’s is making plans to test all day breakfast and PRAISE BABY JESUS!!!

McDonald’s breakfast…ALL DAY!?!?!?!

Excuse me for a second…


Typically, locations stop serving breakfast after 10:30 a.m. local time during the week and as late as 11 a.m. on the weekends.

Testing 24/7 breakfast “makes sense” to Janney analysts, who note, “We believe customers generally want to see McDonald’s offer breakfast items all day.”

In the past, McDonald’s has stressed how limited grill space hampers its ability to serve all-day breakfast.

McDonald’s plan to test 24/7 breakfast comes amid increased pressure in morning sales from Taco Bell’s breakfast menu, which launched last year. As part of its domestic turnaround effort, McDonald’s has doubled down on breakfast as a key focus for growth through coffee promotions and its emphasis on cooking with eggs it cracks in the kitchen.


Peep that lil shade at the end tho? LOL.

But look….

I just…


I can get my pancakes ALL. DAY. LONG!?!?!?!!

Imma walk up in McDonald’s on a Tuesday evening to order my pancakes at bout 7:28pm like…


Erica Campbell (MaryMary) previews her new trappin for Jesus single, “I Luh God.”

First, Tina is shooting up her husband’s car and now THIS!

I only WISH I were kidding.

Mary Mary is going through some things, huh?

I first saw it on Instagram when two readers was like, “WHAT SAY YOU!?!?!”



Mary Mary’s #EricaCampbell dropped her new trap gospel song #iLuhGod. Do you love it?

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I… I just…


Still hoping this was just a little thing she did at the spur of the moment, I went to the interwebs for clarification and…



Now. Let me say this. I think Jesus reaches people in MANY different ways. There are some forms of gospel music I’m not a fan of, but if it speaks to people and brings them to Christ? Then by all means, ya know?

Buuuut this right here?  This is REALLYYYYYYYY close to that whole Romans 12:2 thing (go look it up, people!).

We…don’t have to do this.

We just don’t.


UH OH, Jamie Foxx!!!!

Jamie Foxx ruffled some feathers at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night, March 29th.

Why? Because of this┬ájoke at the introduction of the show….

“We got some groundbreaking performances, here too, tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, who will be doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

Now, as you may know, there have been rumors that Bruce Jenner is transitioning from a man to a woman, so….yeah.

Twitter WAS. NOT. HAPPY.

He’s being called mean, lazy (huh?), disgusting, and transphobic, among MANY other things.

What do you guys think? Did he go too far?

Taraji P. Henson says her son was racially profiled….LIES.

Taraji, Taraji, Taraji.

Gotta check the receipts, Sis.

She recently said that her son was racially profiled on two separate occasions, right? Wellllll the video has popped up on ONE of those occasions and, well, watch for yourself….



The “Empire” star recently complained her 20-year-old son Marcel Johnson was pulled over by a Glendale, CA officer who illegally searched the car, cited him for marijuana possession, but didn’t ticket him for the original infraction.

Watch the dash cam video of the full stop … the officer pulls over Marcel for allegedly failing to yield at a crosswalk. When the officer asks Marcel if he has anything illegal in the car … he confesses he has some marijuana. The officer actually thanked him for being honest.

When you see the clip … it’s hard to say the cop had it out for Marcel. As for the alleged illegal search … the officer says he smelled the weed — which alone would give him probable cause, plus Marcel copped to it.

Taraji says the 2nd incident went down at USC when police allegedly stopped Marcel for “having his hands in his pockets.” No video of that one yet.


I mean, how much nicer could a cop be!? Seriously, he was UBER nice.

Missed the mark on this one, Taraji. Or, like TMZ says, maybe she went on the word of her son?

UPDATE: March 27, 2015, 10:25pm

Taraji issued an apology…



#TurningANegativeIntoAPositive #LoveTarajiPHenson

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Good stuff, Taraji. Very sincere. And she’s right, a mother’s job isn’t easy!

One of the greatest things on the internet: Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke

This was one of those things that I kept seeing and ignored, but finally gave in to watch.

First, I need to say that I’m a Mariah Carey fan. I will continue to buy what she puts out (even in spite of recent unfortunate vocal mishaps) as long as it’s not like that whole “Glitter” situation *shudders*.

Anyway, Mariah Carey teamed up with “The Late Late Show” host James Corden and, well, just watch!

I literally laughed out loud throughout this entire thing. This is awesome!

Again, I’m a fan and I love to hear Mariah Carey talk (I don’t know…it’s always been a thing for me), and to see her kick back and have fun is refreshing!

Love it!