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Bud Light didn’t spend enough time around the conference table with their new tagline.

I honestly wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

I mean, they are a multi-million dollar company, right?

NOBODY saw this to be problematic?


via Twitter (@lucyleid)

“The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”

And then to follow that up with, “The perfect beer for whatever happens”????? *cringe*


Nobody thought to say, “You know, this might not be a good idea to put on a bottle of beer, seeing as though a lot of times rape victims are blamed because they’d been drinking. We may not want to give the perception that we’re saying alcohol involved rape isn’t really rape at all.”



What do y’all think?

(By the way: I’m hoping this was some type of mistake. It was released by a digital strategy director, who was directly asked if it was photoshopped. She directly answered no, it wasn’t. Looks like she was the one who took the photo. But it’s just too stupid, right? Eh. We’ll see.)

Man arrested after receiving weed…IN. THE. MAIL.


That’s what we’re dealing with.

All around idiots.

WHYYYYY would you…the MAIL?


Nacogdoches police have arrested a man after a package containing marijuana arrived at the post office Monday.

Denzel Deshaun Mitchell, 24, of Nacogdoches, is charged with state-jail felony possession of marijuana.

According to police, the package was found during a routine inspection of incoming mail. Postal employees notified police and officers brought a drug dog, who “alerted” on the package.

Officers delivered the package to whom it was addressed and arrested Mitchell after he accepted it, according to the report.

The package contained 4.2 pounds of marijuana.

Officers then searched Mitchell’s home, located in the 5200 block of Northway Street and found items “consistent with the packaging and distribution” of marijuana.

Mitchell’s bond has not yet been set.

The US Department of Homeland Security assisted in the investigation.


And he deserves it. COME ON. Not only did he have weed mailed to him, but he was stupid enough to go and pick it up himself. <— It has been pointed out to me, by an angry commenter and supporter of Denzel, that he did not pick up the package. Instead, it was brought to him, and he ACCEPTED it (LOL). I apologize for my mistake. 

Now you’re a felon.

And save me the “it should be legal” discussion. True as that may be, it DEFINITELY isn’t. And EVERYBODY knows it. Soooo if you get caught… *shrugs*


Updated: April 28, 2015, 12:35pm

So I just learned that he’s a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated (Stephen F. Austin), and was kicked out (at least at some point) because of getting caught before. <— It’s been brought to my attention that this statement can be read that he was kicked out of the fraternity, which is NOT the case. I apologize for not articulating my point correctly. What I MEANT to say is that he was ALLEGEDLY kicked out of Stephen F. Austin, NOT Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.


Anyway.  Here’s his Twitter if you care —-> @SirMostChose

Updated: April 28, 2015, 3:15pm

Oooookay. Soooo correction.

He (allegedly) got expelled from SFA for a rape charge (it has been said, by his supporters, that he was never charged with rape or ANY sexual misconduct, so it seems as if there is actually no record of this), only it wasn’t listed as rape. Something like “disorderly conduct.” <– Again, I’m being told this NEVER happened. This is how he was able to then go to Sam Houston State University…buuuuut then he left before graduating…apparently to supply all of Nacagdoches with mail-in weed.

Looks like he’d been under investigation for about a year, selling to an undercover cop (rumor?). Plus, he’s had multiple weed charges.

As you read before, the Department of Homeland Security was involved. So yeah. It’s a wrap for this guy.

Updated: April 28, 2015, 10:50pm

My my my. This post has caused quite a bit of a stir, huh? Sheesh! I hadn’t even planned on coming back to this (unless I got some more updated information).

Look. I’m not the enemy. I’m not painting this guy (I don’t know!?) out to be anything but what I’ve read on here.

Buuuuut since we’re here…a few things to note…

^^^ His arrest record is public knowledge.

And is SEEMS as if he’s wanted in Florida as well.

Now, I didn’t go and research these things, as I’ve been accused of doing. People are reading the comments on here and are SENDING me this information.

Yes, we all make mistakes. But…there are some you are supposed to learn from.

Also, please understand this, any disrespectful comment will be erased and banned. You are free to disagree and correct me, that’s fine. But keep it cute.


For the record, I TOTALLY understand people defending their fraternity brother and friend. I would do the EXACT same thing for my sorority sisters/friends. But there is a better way to do that than by cursing me out and accusing me of things that simply didn’t happen.

I’ve made corrections and I am 100% open to making more. I’m not falsely accusing anybody. Again, please check my linked source (ABC news!).

Updated: April 29, 2015, 12:05am

Here’s an email I received.

Screenshot_2015-04-29-00-01-10 Screenshot_2015-04-29-00-01-29 Screenshot_2015-04-29-00-01-53


So there you have it! According to his supporters, none of what I was told is true.

For the record, the information I received was from his fraternity brothers as well. And since it was word of mouth, and I couldn’t present it as fact, I used “allegedly.”

In any event, I hope this clears everything up. Denzel has never done anything stated in here, other than the charges and arrests he has pertaining to weed.


This angry mother in Baltimore is the REAL MVP.

Let me go ahead and say this. If you’re one of those people who thinks it’s wrong to say that the violence in Baltimore isn’t okay, then you can keep it moving right along.

Further, if you’re one of those people who thinks those who speak out against the violence can’t focus on the REAL issue(s) at the same time, then keep it moving right along.

^^A couple of caveats about this later in the post though…

By now you’re aware of what’s going on in Baltimore. I’m STILL not sure how it all started (I’ve asked with no clear answer, I’ll keep searching though), but at some point there were some youths throwing rocks and bricks at police.

Well this mother wasn’t having it (from what I understand, she saw him throw stuff at the police).


She got him allllll the way together.

And I don’t blame her. In fact, she’s probably me.

However, I’m willing to bet that under that anger there’s some (a lot of?) fear for her son’s life. While he’s participating in protest/riots against police violence, unfortunately he’s also putting himself in the position to be the next victim.

Now. About the caveats I spoke of earlier. Here are a few realities.

1. Peaceful protests haven’t gotten the attention of the masses, nor have they forced change. Love it or hate it, it’s the truth.

2. There has NEVER been a time where systematic change (which is what is needed here) has come without there being some violence involved.

3. Blacks are SICK of being treated like they are less than human, and are TIRED of being harassed by the police.

4. People from ALL ethnic backgrounds are tired of the police brutality, with ZERO consequences.

What you’re seeing now is a result of all of that. People want change NOW. Not when there are a million meetings to bring stupid bills and legislation that won’t do anything anyway. Not after a thousand votes are taken, and endless press conferences are had.


So yeah. The looting, etc. may not be the most productive way to bring about change, but when you push people up against a wall while simultaneously antagonizing them, one day they are going to react.




Jay Z tries to defend Tidal, annnd it goes completely wrong…

As I’ve written before, Tidal isn’t quite getting the reception that the artists who are behind it hoped for. Well, Jay Z finally spoke out about it…


So Jay Z still doesn’t get it.

However, this did answer a question that I’ve had…which is how may subscribers Tidal had so far.

I think Jay Z may have expected this so go a completely different way than it did though….

^^^ In response to the “Tidal pays 75% royalty to ALL artists, writers and producers… tweet from Jay Z

Then there’s this….

Whew. And that’s just from two people. If you go on Twitter and do a search for #TidalFacts, this is kind of what you’ll find…

^^^In response to Jay Z’s tweet saying, “Indie artists who want to work directly w/ us keep 100% of their music…”


And my personal favorite….


Okay. But then THIS happened…

And again, my personal favorite…


So yeah. Um. I think it’s safe to say this explanation/defense thing didn’t go as planned, huh?


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4, Episode 1 {Review}

My ratchet guilty pleasure is back and I’m ready to jump right on in!

Let’s go!


Is she saying that she’s managing artists? Oh Mimi. MF Management? LMAO! Okay.

WHOOOOOOOO is going to sign a contract with her after seeing all that they have seen? She’s clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

It’s nice to see Mimi and Stevie J getting along though.

OOP. Well the club scene just came on. Nevermind. LOL

Wait a minute. I see Mimi doesn’t understand basic business. She signed a contract with Nocturnal, but says she doesn’t care and that he’ll never see a dime? Buuuut ma’am. Doesn’t matter if you were being EXTRA stupid when you signed it…it’s STILL a contract!

A 3 book deal with him? Chile I would write 3 children’s books, 10 pages each, to get Nylon up out of my life.

LMAO when Mimi slapped Stevie J’s hand off of her when he came to her house. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Jessica Dime

Okay…So she’s retiring from stripping, and wants to be a rapper?

Anyway, my first impression is that she’s pretty cool. Seems really down to earth.

Momma Dee


She looks really nice in this scene though (black and white shirt/pearls, etc.).


GIRL! You still haven’t put Scrappy on blast yet!?!?!?! YO FAULT!


He said nobody is gonna tell him what to do when it comes to his kid? SIR. Those courts will (if Erica would grow up). Believe that.

And this scene where he’s talking to the lawyers (in a future episode) saying his daughter is well taken care of? That is SO not the issue. CLEARLY you aren’t doing (a piece of) your part seeing as though you’re $50k behind!?




Why, Sis? Just why?


Okay, so they have an open marriage, buuuuut the sex tape (porn) was a deal-breaker. I would imagine so.

First impression? She deserves WAY better than Nicaragua. Seriously. I know people may judge the open marriage situation, but if it works for them (which, I guess it doesn’t), then it works. She was expecting honesty and transparency, and didn’t get that. So basically, Nikon is a trash individual all the way around. Which we knew…so.


“This is my downtown office,” This fool has a whole apartment. <— I cannot understand why Rasheeda is still dealing with him.

I cannot.

And this Ashley Nicole whore with this, “Is this a king or a queen?” *flops down on her back on the bed* and “Help me take off my jackettttttt…” *when she clearly was about to do it herself* And Kirk is clearly hyper-aware of the cameras when she (literally) throws herself onto him. *rolls eyes*

Stevie J

I appreciate Mimi confronting him about his drug use.

You know, sometimes I’m aware that this show isn’t necessarily “reality” all the time, but this conversation seems authentic.

I don’t understand how Stevie J is getting miffed at Nemo when Mimi was the one who signed the damn contract! Ugh!

$2 milli?




“Any girl you’ve been with, I’ve been with her first.”

FIRST of all, that’s not true. LOL. Second…how old are you, dude?

Ugh. How did Mimi ever get involved with this frog faced male thottie, man?

Ugh. I wanted to see the fight cause I wanted Stevie J to drag him clear across that pavement. The nerve of him bringing up Stevie’s daughter. He’s such a disgusting and vile individual.

I honestly don’t see how he’s not in jail, to be honest. I stand by my belief that he and Mimi made a sex tape together and then he gave it to someone (after which they went and FILMED the PORN that is out now). Oh, I know. It’s cause we’re talking about Mimi, here.

This was a good episode. I’m looking forward to getting my ratchet life this season.

But before I go…check this out…

ADDENDUM: There is a brief scene at Paris on Ponce that is shown 30 minutes in that I heard about and showed up to a few months ago. But I was booted before filming began. For about five minutes I was seated about four feet from where Stevie J (in his Michael Jackson red jacket) sat. I was actually surprised they let me in in the first place but obviously word got to some producer and a guard quietly escorted me out. I was the only Asian guy there. I stood out like a sore thumb anyway. They were “showcasing” Tiffany Foxx, the new singer Mimi wanted for her management company. I never saw her. On the show, he appears drunk and leaves before we even hear Tiffany sing. Was this scene staged to the hilt? Yes. Producers were placing the free “extras” in specific places. And the women were shot multiple times walking in.

Plus, the Paris on Ponce room we see isn’t even a retail location. It’s a place people rent for special events. (It was used in that disaster of a reality show “Sorority Sisters,” too.)


Ha! Interesting.

Anyway, what did you guys think?