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Dear God, Why roaches?

Dear God,

I believe in your sovereignty and that everything you made, looked at, and then said “it is good,” has a purpose.

And I do believe in Your divine purpose, Lord.

But God, why roaches?


They do nothing but terrorize people.

And it’s not that I’m saying You’ve made a mistake or whatever, but I am coming to You as Your child on bended knee (sort of)  asking You to PLEASE reconsider. You are the Lord our God, almighty and powerful and I acknowledge that You can do ANYTHING.

Including wiping the earth of roaches (I mean, you can just do it for Houston, Texas and I’ll be good).

I’ve often questioned if You’ve put roaches in my path in order to bring me closer to You. I mean, two years ago when you sent The Plague of Roaches into my spot for those few weeks it DID bring me closer to You, as I petitioned You to cover my bathroom since that’s where they liked to make their entrance. So that happened. I prayed over my bathroom and BEGGED You to PLEASE not send a single one of these awful creatures to bother me.

And you did.

You don’t love me?

Cause one of those 4 times a roach made it into my spot was on a Sunday morning. I WAS TRYING TO COME AND SEE YOU.


Lord? There are other ways. Ways that don’t include me almost dying. And God, you know you were TOTALLY wrong for letting that roach be up in my black pants that were air drying in the bathroom….just for me to try and put them on and it fall out on the carpet IN. MY. BEDROOM.


I mean, did You want me to come and be with You permanently!? Cause that’s what almost happened.

But in it all, I thank You for the exterminator. There is a praise in my pain.

Cause he saved my life. Two years. Two glorious years without incident.

Until May 16, 2015.

Now God. REALLY?

We were preparing for Women’s Day at my church and one of the selections was going to be “Stir Up The Gift,” and the lyrics say that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER!

Well, Lord God, I sang these lyrics as I came down from my panic attack and found my handy dandy can of Raid (thank You for this) and did what I had to do. I didn’t even have to call my father to come over like I had to do two years ago at 2:00am (by the way…if you could send me a boyfriend to help with these things it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll even take a loyal bae who likes me real hard. Whatever.)

So I dealt with it through my tears and sporadic screaming fits. And then called the exterminator. Also, Lord can you PLEASE make people listen? I told the exterminator that I’m dealing with a serious situation but he came and played with these roaches cause another one showed up after he “exterminated”!?


Lord! Thank you for the gift of Home Defense!


So far, so good. You’re working it out. Just like You said You would. And I believe Your word, Lord.

But still..I just have to ask…

Why roaches? (And also, do we really need trees? Like, really? Cause that’s where bugs like to hand out, You know?)

They do nothing. I mean seriously, God. I beg of thee to reconsider.

Okay. That is all.

I love you. Like, a whole lot.

Your sweet child who is trying to deal,


Yes, I am a bible believing Christian, but no, my head isn’t about to explode over gay marriage.

I need to start off by saying that I tried to do this in a YouTube video because it was just TOO MUCH to type out. Well, that failed. Horribly. Repeatedly. So I gave up. I decided to leave it alone, but then I changed my mind again. So here I am….attempting to write coherently, yet succinctly.

I am a bible believing Christian who was raised in the church. I believe the word of God is true and doesn’t change.

Having said that, if you were to ask me how I feel biblically about homosexuality/gay marriage, most of you (if not all) know exactly what bible verse I’m going to refer you to. So that is that. Again, I believe the word is the word, and it is clear.

Now. If you were to then ask me how I feel about gay marriage from a non-biblical perspective, I would say that I 100% understand it. It makes COMPLETE sense to me.

Most of the arguments and the strong reactions I’ve seen against the ruling has to do with a spiritual perspective. The mistake here is 1. assuming that everybody subscribes to the Christian faith (they don’t) and 2. not understanding what the Supreme Court’s role is.

The argument that was in front of the Supreme Court was not, WAS NOT, a spiritual one.

The argument that was in front of the Supreme Court was a LEGAL one. And when thinking about and understanding it in those terms, there was not a legal leg the court could’ve stood on to come to any other decision than they did.

This morning, my bishop said that marriage is a biblical institution, not a civil one. And I agree. BUT. That is not the same view that everyone else holds. Also, the fact of the matter is that marriage DOES have legal components in it, hence the term, “legally married.”

If you would’ve asked me a few years ago how I felt about gay marriage, I may have had a different/stronger point of view. But then I saw a video. It was about a man who came out to his family. His family disowned him. Threw him out and all of that. They were from the south (Texas, if I’m not mistaken). He ended up moving up north with his partner. After a while, he got really ill. His boyfriend took care of him. Did EVERYTHING for him. He was his caretaker. Well, one day he ended up in the hospital, and died. The boyfriend had NO legal recourse. The family was contacted and they took him back home and shut the boyfriend out completely. He wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral or anything. He got a program because the sister “snuck” it in the mail to him (I can’t find the vid, if one of you can, please share).

This was mean. And watching the video made me cry. Nobody should have to go through that.

A reader knew what I was talking about and gave me the link. It’s actually a movie! I didn’t know. I just saw like a 5 minute clip. Here it is (I haven’t watched it yet):

This is when I really understood what the fight was about. And I get it.

I’ve never understood the church’s obsession with gay marriage. I just don’t get it. If the “gay” part is the issue then all of this focus and fight is totally misplaced. Gay marriage being legalized isn’t going to *make* anybody gay, and if gay marriage wasn’t legalized, it wasn’t going to make gays say, “Oh! Well then I’m not gay anymore!” So I honestly just don’t understand the strong reactions and efforts toward gay marriage by the church.

The best analogy I can give is that of someone who is sick..let’s say with the flu.


So let’s say I have the flu. As a result of being sick, I’m sneezing and have a runny nose. So I start taking antihistamine.  This only addresses the SYMPTOMS. It does NOTHING for the issue.

If the church wants to address homosexuality, why oh why is so much energy being given to gay marriage? That is simply the result. Gay marriage has NOTHING to do with people identifying as gay and lesbian. Nothing.

It is my personal opinion that the church has gone about addressing homosexuality in a way that has come off hateful and judgmental. It is in this that people have left the church or felt pushed out, and that should NEVER be the result, or the goal, of a faith whose GREATEST commandment is to love. We’ve got some work to do.

I don’t feel my spirituality has been jeopardized by the SCOTUS’ decision. I don’t feel like biblical marriage has been jeopardized in ANY way.

I honestly believe that if believers were to look at the Supreme Court for what it is, A COURT OF LAW, and not as something they WANT it to be, an extension of the faith and an institution to uphold the bible, then the ruling would make more sense. There is NO legal argument that could reverse the SCOTUS’ decision (however, if you have one, I’d really love to hear it).  States have legalized gay marriage, but couples have been told, “Yeah you’re married, but you don’t get the same benefits as other married couples.” COME ON GUYS. You KNOW that isn’t okay. It’s discriminatory. And that is something I don’t tolerate. Discrimination and hate.

I want to take some time to say that I appreciate how my pastor approached this issue during his sermon. He simply spoke on sin, period. In fact, I left convicted about my own stuff.

All in all, my point of view is that grown people have the right to be who they are, and be with who they want to be with. They have that RIGHT. No matter what my particular faith has to say about it, people have the right to do what they want to do in their romantic lives and they should be able to do this without being discriminated against or being subjected to hate.

Also, people have the right to feel how they feel about the decision. Just because someone disagrees, that doesn’t mean they are hateful, a bigot, or homophobic. However, there IS a way to disagree with the decision without being mean and hateful. People shouldn’t be attacked just because they have a different view.

In conclusion, I am going to leave with this thought:

If you don’t “agree with” gay marriage, don’t go to a gay wedding.

Peace and love to you all.


Woman scales pole and removes Confederate flag off of South Carolina’s Capitol {Video}

So this happened this morning…


Problem 1.

Now. The other day, an activist, Shaun King, dared that someone do this. He offered a $10,000 reward for someone doing so.  He received MAJOR backlash from blacks. It was irresponsible and he LITERALLY was encouraging people to put themselves in harm’s way…while he sat at home on his laptop.

And this is my major problem with people calling other people to do something illegal. Why are you daring others? Don’t you have legs and arms? Why not do it yourself?

Media preview

He was basically raising funds!

He shortly deleted the tweets, saying that he received word from some “important” black leaders asking him to take it down.

Well then this happens this morning. So of course people were wondering if this woman, Bree Newsome, did it for the money.

He answered the question.

Problem 2.

We…thank God?

Anyway. The problem here (for me) is the “Free Bree.”


1. An action is illegal.

2. WE. ALL. KNOW. an action is illegal.

3. Someone does said action.


5. We say “free them!”

I….don’t get it.

Is it right that the Confederate flag is flying over South Carolina’s capitol? NO. Is it right that it’s almost literally taking an act of Congress to get it taken down? NOPE!

But. Did she knowingly do something that is illegal? Yes. I don’t understand the “free” part.

In a press release, Bree announced that they removed the flag “because we can’t wait any longer.” The flag, which is protected by state law, was subsequently re-raised shortly thereafter.



I mean, shoutout to her for knowingly putting herself in a position to be arrested to make her point. I GET IT. I really do. And I support the cause to have the Confederate flag removed. Because DUH.

However, as I am typing this…the flag is right back up. The hashtag, “Keep It Down” is null and void. It’s back up. And a sister is sitting in jail.

Then, this happened…

We, the people, have power to get things done. Because of our voices and outcry, the WORLD’S number one retailer has stopped selling ANYTHING with the Confederate flag on it. We can get things done.

It’s just that I’m not for ANY plan that knowingly gets more of us arrested and tossed in jail, then possibly having to deal with having a record. No, this doesn’t mean I don’t want protesters to protest. Those arrests were bull and people have the RIGHT to peaceful assembly. So yeah. Don’t try it.

People compared what she did to Rosa Parks. “So Rosa Parks should’ve just moved, huh?”

This… not the same thing. And I’m sure y’all know it. But if you really believe it IS the same, then carry on.

Anyway, I am glad that she has funds for bail.

I just hate that she may have to face some serious consequences for this.

She’s been charged with defacing a monument.


Dylann Storm Roof PURCHASED the gun that was used in Charleston shooting.

There have been two different reports on how Dylann Roof obtained the gun he used to kill 9 people. The first report said that his father gave him the gun as a birthday gift, however, a second report said that Dylann purchased the gun himself with birthday money.

Well, it looks like that’s been cleared up.

Dylann Roof bought the semiautomatic handgun he used in last week’s church shooting at a gun store 25 miles from his home, according to officials familiar with the sale.

Law enforcement officials say the transaction was entirely legal, despite a pending drug charge.

The officials say Roof bought a 45-caliber Glock handgun on April 11, eight days after he turned 21, at Shooter’s Choice in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Of course, there are questions. One of the main ones, however, is how was he able to purchase a gun with a pending federal charge (which was reported)?


Roof had been arrested in late February at a Columbia shopping mall and charged with possessing Suboxone, a controlled substance commonly used to treat heroin addiction. He was indicted by a Lexington County grand jury on a state drug charge, a case that is currently pending.

Federal law prohibits the sale of a gun to anyone who is “under indictment for” a felony, but the drug charge Roof faces is a misdemeanor under South Carolina law. For that reason, according to several current and former law enforcement officials, the pending charge did not disqualify Roof from buying a gun.

A separate provision of federal law prohibits the sale of a gun to anyone who is “an unlawful user” of any controlled substance. A provision of the Code of Federal Regulations, which defines that term in the gun law, says habitual use can be inferred from evidence of recent use, examples of which, it says, include “a conviction for use or possession of a controlled substance within the past year,” or “multiple arrests for such offenses within the past 5 years.”

Current and former ATF officials say a single misdemeanor arrest for possession of a controlled substance would not be disqualifying. The federal courts, these officials say, have tended to be strict in interpreting “unlawful user,” and as a consequence, this provision is not often enforced.

There you have it, folks!

The sale was totally legal.


Tidal has lost it’s second CEO. In 3 months.

If you remember, Tidal’s last CEO left the company, and an interim CEO was put in place…

Andy Chen, CEO of Tidal at Norwegian-based parent company Aspiro Group, has left the company. A Tidal spokesperson tells Billboard that Peter Tonstad, Aspiro’s former CEO, will serve as interim CEO while a replacement search commences. Although reports initially suggested an additional 25 employees were leaving the company, another Tidal rep says the number of employees is “less than half” the reported number and across the entire global network.

This happened in April.

Well now, Peter Tonstad has stepped down as well…

Less than three months since starting the job of interim CEO, Peter Tonstad will no longer be leading the company, the WSJ reported today.

Tonstad only took the role after Andy Chen, Tidal’s previous CEO, parted with the company after Jay-Z acquired it earlier this year. While Tonstad’s role was said to be as interim from the start, the latest CEO shuffle doesn’t appear to be because Tidal has found a permanent chief executive officer. The WSJ says executives in New York and Oslo where the company is based will take over operations until a new CEO is found.

Hmmm. Second CEO to step down…

This time with nobody to replace him….

Also, in a bit of good news for the company, they have added two new partners

Tidal announced two new distribution partners on Tuesday. DistroKid and TuneCore partnered with the music streaming service, allowing more ways for independent artists to get their music onto the platform.

The two companies join Record Union and Phonofile as distribution partners for the Tidal Discovery initiative, which aims to showcase up-and-coming artists, and give them a way to release music directly through Tidal.

Artists without a traditional label can upload their music and select their preferred royalty structure after signing a contract to become eligible.