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Anonymous says they have footage of how Sandra Bland was killed. Ok.

This happened about a week ago:

I don’t really feel the need to go too much into what is going on with this case, because I feel that most people know. But here are some basics…

Here is a video of her arrest…

And here is the full dashcam video of the incident (starts around the 2:10 mark):

Anonymous then released this video:

Well, it seems as if some (if not A LOT) of people aren’t taking Anon at their word.

I’ll say this, when I initially saw the “we have the raw footage of her murder” I was HOPING that they really did. Because if not, that is REALLY insensitive. And it’s not right. Others responded to Anon saying that if they had the footage, why wait for 72 hours? Release it now.

To the whole “Sandra is dead in her mugshot” theory….


So yeah. She’s not dead.

Personally, I believe Sandra committed suicide. And I ALSO believe that that doesn’t absolve the police here AT ALL. She shouldn’t have ever been in jail in the first place. I believe the amount of weed a depressed person smokes/ingests is important. Seeing as though she was depressed to the point of cutting, the weed IS a factor. And I understand running the tests to see when she ingested it.

HOWEVER. Framing this to “blame” the suicide on marijuana is not okay. That IS NOT the point, here. Trying to take the focus off of the unlawful actions of the police and the AWFUL standard of care to try and focus on weed? NOPE. This is a point discussed in Forbes, and I suggest going to read the entire article.

Waller County officials have suggested that something else Bland smoked may have contributed to her arrest or her death. Atoxicological report released on Monday says Bland’s blood contained about 18 nanograms of THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient, per milliliter. “It may be relevant as to her state of mind to determine what happened on the street,” First Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam told reporters. “It may be relevant to her state of mind to determine how or why she committed suicide.” Maybe, but probably not.

The Associated Press noted that the level of THC in Bland’s blood is “more than three times the legal limit for drivers in Colorado and Washington, states that permit the recreational use of marijuana.” That comparison makes it sound like Bland must have been intoxicated when she died, unless you know that the five-nanogram cutoff used in Colorado and Washington does not necessarily indicate impairment. That is especially true in regular users, who develop tolerance and accumulate THC in their fatty tissue. Under the five-nanogram standard, many of them could be charged with drugged driving any time they get behind the wheel, even when they are perfectly capable of driving safely.

The bottom line, for me, is that there’s A LOT in here that isn’t right, and that doesn’t add up. The information is being released in pieces, and that’s frustrating. It is TOO easy to clear up some of these questions. For example, with the mugshot. That (releasing the footage) should’ve been done immediately.

There are still so many question surrounding all of this, and I still believe there is some foul play somewhere on the part of the police (other than the obvious). We need answers. And I’m not sure if/when we’re going to get them.

Sam Dubose. {Warning: Explicit video}

Another life lost at the hands of a power hungry, overzealous cop.

University of Cincinnati police Officer Ray Tensing stopped Sam Dubose because of a missing front license plate. Sam Dubose ended up dead.Tensing said he *wait for it* feared for his life.

The attorney for former University of Cincinnati police Officer Ray Tensing says he believes the officer feared for his life and was dragged by Samuel DuBose’s car during a July 19 traffic stop that turned deadly. “The guy jams the keys in the ignition,” Stew Mathews tells CNN. “Turns the car on, jams it in the drive and mashes the accelerator. He wasn’t slowly pulling away. (Tensing) feared for his life. He thought he was going to be sucked under the car that was pulling away from him. He thought he was going to get sucked under and killed.” Mathews says a body camera worn by another officer will show Tensing, 25, on the ground.


Here’s the body camera footage (the stop starts around the 4:00 mark).


From the 4:00 mark to before the 6:30 mark. Less than 2.5 minutes. That’s how long it took for this cop to kill Sam Dubose.

And then he lied.

HE acted unlawfully by putting his hands on his car and opening the door. He has NO probable cause. NONE.

Do body cameras stop cops from killing? NO. But they DO help to bring justice in situation like that.

Tensing has been indicted for murder.

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge for shooting Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop this month.

If convicted, Tensing could go to prison for life, said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters in a press conference. Deters played body camera footage of the shooting that appeared to contradict Tensing’s version of the incident.

“I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer make — totally unwarranted,” said Deters. “It’s an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. It was senseless.”

The prosecutor, who said he was shocked when he first saw the video, was adamant DuBose had not acted aggressively toward Tensing.

“People want to believe that Mr. DuBose had done something violent towards the officer — he did not. He did not at all. I feel so sorry for his family and what they lost, and I feel sorry for the community, too,” Deters said.

The ease in which these cops take a life and then blatantly lie about it is mind boggling.

Here is Sam’s mother speaking after the indictment.

I’m a Christian. And everything this woman of God is saying is true. I have no criticisms for her leaning on the Lord in a time like this.

However, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a certain level of pressure Christians feel during times like these to not show anger, grief, and to rush to state forgiveness.


Dear Meek Mill, leave Drake alone. (NEW diss track {listen})


So catch up here if you don’t know what’s going on with Meek Mill and Drake….

Here’s the first diss track from Drake in response (interestingly enough, it’s been removed by Drake on YouTube…) It starts around the :30 mark:


Now people were saying that was too soft. And I kept telling folks that I really think that was just like, “Eh. Lemme do this real quick since I have some free time.” And I was right. Check out the NEW diss track from Drake, “Back to Back”:




Here are just a few gems from this track….

“I waited 4 days nga where y’all at?”

“I’m not really sure what I did to make y’all mad but I guess this what I gotta do to make y’all rap” <— !!!!!

“This for y’all who think that I don’t write enough”

“Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? I know you gotta be a thug for her, this not what she meant when she said open up more”

“Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers”

Image result for heart attack meme

“You getting bodied by a singing nga”

“I don’t wanna hear about this ever again”

“Please think before you come at a great one, please who’s a real nga and who ain’t one”


Have a seat, Meeks. Just…BYE.

And look at this…


This is great.

Team Drake.


Also, Drake really did send those bottles to Charlamagne. LMAO. Whew.

"You going to make me buy bottles for Charlamagne" Drake living his raps.

A video posted by @cthagod on

Hot 97 v. Power 105 (Really because of Drake v. Meek Mill (and Flex))

As you all may know by now, there’s one sided beef between Meek Mill and Drake. Meek Mill got miffed and accused Drake of having a ghostwriter by the name of Quinton Miller. While Drake said nothing, Funkmaster Flex decided to weigh in.

Well, Flex promised to play a new Meek Mill diss last night (July 27th) at 7pm in response to Drake’s “Charged Up.”

Buuuuut that never happened. LOL.

Like, he just didn’t play it because he never had it.

If you’ve ever listened to The Breakfast Club on Power 105, then you know Charlamagne does a “Donkey of the Day” segment every morning. Well this happened today…


But everything he said is 100% true. There’s no credibility there with Flex. This was just childish and unnecessary. SMH

So now this just popped up (From Hot 97)…

I mean, okay. Buuuut that STILL doesn’t make up for the fact that Charlagmage is right. Flex promised his listeners something that he couldn’t deliver, and he KNEW he couldn’t deliver. That’s…not cool.

And Flex thinks it’s funny cause look at his Instagram…


A photo posted by FunkFlex (@funkflex) on

This is a good one also!

A photo posted by FunkFlex (@funkflex) on

Another one!

A photo posted by FunkFlex (@funkflex) on

We will see….

A photo posted by FunkFlex (@funkflex) on

A photo posted by FunkFlex (@funkflex) on

He’s reposting people who aren’t happy with him. I mean, what part of the game is this!?

Also, there’s been a petition started to force Flex to resign

There has always been word that DJ Funk Funkmaster Flex was not someone who was willing to give up his position at Hot 97 for his slot. Despite constant critiques from everywhere for the old man to step down, and give the younger people a shot he decided to stay where he was. Last year Dame Dash was at the forefront of the movement saying that Funk Flex really needs to just leave. Well, today was the last straw. This fraud of a DJ decided to lie to everyone for ratings and downloads of the Hot 97 app that Meek Mill would be on tonight to release a diss track to Drake to no avail. No one has given Hot 97 two hours of listening time since Biggie was alive, and it’s a crime to have taken that from us. The people have spoken and it is time for Funk Flex to step down.

The petition has over 6,500 signatures (as of now). Ouch.

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard it, here’s Drake’s “Charged Up” (the original YouTube vid was taken down by Drake, here’s another one with it on there, starts around the :30 mark)..

Personally, I’m Team Drake here. Meek Mill got on social media hollering cause he didn’t get a shoutout about his trash album (again), and Drake responded in the studio…like rappers are supposed to do.

And then what does Meek Mill do? Get’s BACK on social media with his emojis…


Like someone said, Drake is doing international shows while Meek Mill is opening for his girlfriend.

BYE, Meek. Have a seat, Sis.

Was The Houston Chronicle out of line for this comic about Sandra Bland?

I’ve had this pointed out to me a couple of times:


This was in the Sunday paper, and some people thought it was making light of Sandra Bland’s death.

I see it as them pointing out the absurdity of the police and how they don’t value life.

One reader who pointed it out to me says that she thinks it’s just a little too soon and ambiguous because it can be taken either way.

What do you guys think?