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Let’s help Chameka Scott Sic’ Colon Cancer!

I didn’t know Chameka Scott while I was at Baylor, but it’s always a pleasure to spread the word about helping out a fellow Baylor Bear.

Baylor basketball alum and 2005 National Champion Chameka Scott is competing…again. This time it is against colon cancer. If you have not been touched by this woman’s God-given humor, where have you been? Help support her as she fights cancer. A portion will supplement medical expenses for Chameka. Being the kind-hearted person that she is, Chameka requested that majority of the proceeds be donated to fund research to help others. Cancer sucks, but our God is greater!

Amen! Our God IS greater!

Click here to go to her GoFundMe page, and donate!

Tiger Woods comes for AARP, AARP claps back (and OUCH.)


The elders at AARP are tired of y’all saying retirement means your life is over, okay? And they let Tiger Woods know as much…

Tiger Woods on Tuesday joked about possible retirement, saying “I don’t have my AARP card yet.” Well, after a couple days, word got around to your grandparents and their pals. The AARP, surely disappointed that kids today don’t respect their elders, decided to offer up a rejoinder to Woods’ implicit criticism that an AARP card implied the end of the line. Shortly after the first round of the British Open ended, the AARP took direct aim at Woods … and unlike Woods, landed the shot.




Who knew AARP was filled with savages!?

Even though I don’t know a lot (okay anything, really) about golf, it’s no secret that Tiger Woods is doing HORRIBLY.

One thing I DO know is that AARP nailed it.


“Caitlyn Jenner put on a dress.” – D.L. Hughley on Caitlyn Jenner receiving ESPY award

It seems as if sports fans everywhere did not appreciate Caitlyn Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS. D.L. Hughley is the latest to give his opinion (when asked).


Lauren Hill was a basketball player who passed away from cancer, and raised $1 million for DIPC cancer research. Hughley feels as if she showed courage in the name of sports, and shouldn’t have been passed up in favor of Caitlyn Jenner.

I agree.



OMG: Singer’s menstrual pad falls out on live tv….

This is disturbing.

My FIRST thought was, “Ma’am, you are TOO OLD for this to be a problem.”

Seriously, there are so many other options. So many. This didn’t have to happen. But I guess she should be commended (or something) for continuing on with the performance? I don’t know what I would do. LOL.

The singer is Patricia Navidad and she was performing “Viva Mexico” on Univision’s “Despierta America” (“Wake Up America”).

I mean, that’s one way to wake us up the nation…..

{Originally seen here}

“Friday Night Lights” (tv series) director Peter Berg wasn’t happy with Caitlyn Jenner’s EPSY “courage” award…

….and he showed as much on Instagram…


A photo posted by Peter Berg (@pberg44) on


However, he’s since “clarified” his sentiment…


Got it?