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Aldon Smith released by the 49ers following arrest, coach has message for those struggling with substance abuse

Aldon Smith, 49ers linebacker, was arrested yesterday, August 6th.

In an interview with KTVU after leaving jail, he apologized to his fans, however, he said that it was not a DUI and the situation “could’ve been handled differently.”

He met with the 49ers general manager, Trent Baalke today. However, because he refused to take responsibility, he was released from the team.

What caught my eye was the response from the coach, Jim Tomsula.

49ers coach Jim Tomsula canceled the team’s morning practice Friday, saying his players were hurting. Tomsula was emotional himself in talking about Smith’s situation.

“It’s a sad day,” the first-year 49ers coach said at a news conference. “We’re not worried about football. This has nothing to do with football. … If one person out there reads this and you’re struggling, get help. Go get it. You’re worth it. We value every human being. Get the help. You don’t have to walk alone. Find it. It’s there.

This touched my heart because of the sincerity and the concern about Aldon Smith the man, and not just Aldon Smith the football player.

The struggle with substance abuse and addiction is REAL. It is a daily battle. And to see that this coach is hurt by this and spreading the word of getting help makes me feel as if this was a team who really tried to work with Aldon.

“Although Aldon will not be playing football here, he will be supported. He will not be alone. … We saw a man fighting, working and trying. … Once again, real life, everyone has struggles. They’re just in different ways. … From our perspective, from him, we need the things that need to be addressed with 100 percent of everything he has.”

The struggle with substance abuse and addiction is REAL. It is a daily battle. This is the first year of coaching this team for Tomsula. To see this coach, and team, hurt by this and spreading the word of getting help makes me feel as if this was a team who really tried to work with Aldon.

Here’s some history:

Smith was arrested on suspicion of DUI in January 2012, a charge that was later reduced to reckless driving. Later that year, he faced three felony weapons charges stemming from a June 2012 party at his home. Police said several shots were fired, two partygoers were injured and Smith was stabbed. Smith pleaded not guilty, and the weapons charges were later reduced.

Smith was arrested and charged with DUI again after a car accident in September 2013. He voluntarily entered rehab and missed five games that season. In July 2014, Smith was sentenced to 11 days of work release for that DUI in Santa Clara.

In August 2014, Smith was suspended for the first nine games of last season for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct and substance-abuse policies, in connection to the 2013 drunken-driving arrest.

Smith also was arrested April 13, 2014, at Los Angeles International Airport. Police said he was randomly selected for a secondary screening and became uncooperative, telling a TSA agent he had a bomb. No charges were filed in that incident.

All is not lost for Smith. He is a free agent. Redemption and a second (or fifth) chance IS an option. However, he really must get himself together.

All the best to him.

UPDATED: 4:10pm

So this is from Terez Owens’ website:

Could the interweb  about to explode? I’m pretty sure this is about as real as it gets for teammates, or now former teammates. Via our insider, “I have a source placed within Realativity sports in San Franisco, which is the agency that represents Aldon. He’s telling me that Aldon drove his car into Colin Kaepernick’s car over a girl, Nessa (who happens to be Aldon’s ex) He’s going to keep me updated as the day goes on/ if he hears more so if its something you wished to stay posted on let me know. Guy with a history of bad decisions and alcoholism…. Been drinking gets upset over his ex, hits Kaps car freaks out and takes off.” You can’t make this stuff up, feels like the HBO show Ballers.-TO

She's Mrs. right now T..



There may be some truth to this because Smith and Kaepernick got into a fight on the field earlier this week…

Aldon Smith got into a scrap with 49ers star Colin Kaepernick earlier this week … which may have been fueled by ongoing rumors about Smith’s ex-girlfriend and the QB.

Multiple Niner locker room sources tell TMZ Sports … Aldon and Colin had an altercation on the field during a practice on Tuesday, and “players had to pull them apart.” It’s interesting because there’s been a lot of Internet buzz Smith’s ex-gf is now with Kaep.

Smith and Hot 97 host Nessa broke up in recent months, and even though she and Kaep have not been photographed together … rumors they’re together have persisted.

It’s crazy because earlier this morning I saw a tweet about Kaep and Nessa making it official. I just didn’t put it all together.


UPDATED, 4:25pm:

OKAY. So I’m back…and…..



Jason Cole is a reporter for Bleacher Report.


Husband surprises his wife with her own pregnancy. I, for one, don’t find it cute.

First of all, let me say this. To each their own.

Now, you can watch and gather yourselves.


Don’t steal my urine, bro. Don’t do it.

She said it wasn’t fair and that she had plans for how she would announce it. I mean, she said it with a smile but I’m thinking maybe there is a little bit of disappointment (or something) there?

Is nothing…private anymore?

During the comedown from the emotional climax, Sam interviews his young daughter about the news, who sweetly says she’s excited about “holding the baby while Mommy makes dinner and breakfast.” Nia responds, “I can’t even handle it because those are the things that scare me the most, having to still cook dinner with a newborn…”

Now I’m crying.

Whether or not Nia actually learned of her pregnancy for the first time during the filming of the video, the idea that a man surprising a woman with the contents of her own uterus in front of millions of viewers is supposed to be—what? Heartwarming? A thoughtful gift? Extremely cool?—is insane. Let this woman have control over at least one thing.

Even if a man is absolutely sure that his partner will be thrilled she’s carrying his child, it is polite to let her discover this information about her own body herself (or together, if she asks).

But in the quest to make the Yahoo! homepage, everything must be sacrificed, including any last tether to reality. In the video, both Sam and Nia address the camera more than they address each other. Despite the fact that she’s getting the shock of her life, Nia habitually refers to “you guys”—the viewers—throughout the video, narrating her experience as it happens.


I know I may sound “old-ish,” but seriously…where is the privacy line? His yearning for views on YouTube is, well, concerning. He’s already making plans for how he’s going to film his wife!

Also, ummmm throwing up 16 times a day!? Lordt.

But I guess at the end of it all, if she likes it, I love it.


UPDATE: August 21, 2015

Okay. So shortly after this post, the couple announced that Nia had suffered a miscarriage.

Now. I didn’t post this at the time (this was put on YouTube on August 8th), but I’m posting it today because there’s some new interesting information I’ve found out.

First of all, Sam is a very popular “Christian Vlogger.” He obviously has a huge following.

He’s something else too (allegedly).

And that is a cheater. The Ashley Madison hacker situation has revealed his secret and here are the receipts.

Ashley Madison is freely accessible site but users must buy credits to send messages: $49 gets 100 credits, while $250 earns 1,000 credits and a money-back ‘affair guarantee’ if you don’t have an affair within three months.

Altogether the records imply that he bought a total of around 800 credits. His profile ceases to be active after the final payment in November 2013.

Hackers released data showing personal data of 37 million people who subscribed to Ashley Madison, which operates under the tagline, ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’

The stolen Ashley Madison account details shared on Twitter and the 4chan forum show (pictured) Mr Rader’s name, his town of Terrell, Texas, and a zip code which Daily Mail Online can verify matches his home address

It also shows the user registered under his name Mr Rader, who also works as a photographer, registered that domain name in 2011. This screengrab is a continuation of the one above

The popular Christian vlogger Sam Rader—best known for “surprising” his wife with her own positive pregnancy test in a viral video—had a paid account on the cheating website Ashley Madison in 2013, the Daily Mail reports. Sam is a leader in a new industry of online evangelism, posting daily videos of his upstanding, Jesus-loving family for hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Sam, whose new “manager” told the Daily Mail from a vlogger conference in Seattle that “we are not going to comment on this right now,” has done such a good job marketing his Christian family values on YouTube that he quit his job this month to vlog full time. (We reached out to Sam for comment but have not heard back.) Though his latest pregnancy stunt video was controversial, Sam has built a real, loyal following preaching the bible and vlogging about wanting to be a “good man” to his wife of almost six years, Nia—the kind of “man I want [my daughter] to marry.”




Anyway. For those of you who care, let me spill this tea…..

If you’re wanting to find out if someone cheated using Ashley Madison, here’s how. And here.

You’re welcome.

Drake wears “Free Meek Mill” shirt at OVO Fest

When I first saw the photo, I thought it was photoshopped.

But then here’s a video…


He originally wore the shirt while Meek Mill was in jail last year…

But now he’s doing it, of course, to shoot shots at Meek Mill. And the rumor is that he’ll perform another diss track tonight at OVO Fest. Maybe this is confirmation?


Drake is a SAVAGE.

This isn’t even fair.



Minister Louis Farrakhan calls on 10,000 “fearless men” to “kill those who kill us.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Miami, Florida, while on a tour promoting the Million Man March 20th Anniversary. The theme is “Justice Or Else.”

His message here is that if the government won’t stop whites from killing people of color, then we must handle it ourselves for it is better to be dead than to live under a system that continues to slaughter us without consequences.

This is going to cause a stir.

The reaction of the clergy behind him is interesting to watch. When they initially stood, I’m sure they weren’t aware of the message he was about to give.

Pastor Jamal Bryant is set to appear with Minister Farrakhan tonight. Catch it on The Word Network.

In case you were wondering if Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are getting divorced…

…here’s your answer…


Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness. (Because it’s contagious) But, so many people have…

Posted by Will Smith on Monday, August 3, 2015



And I REALLY REALLY wish the media would stop posting about who is getting divorced until either party has said so themselves, or they have some paperwork to back it up.