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My Carolina Christmas.

At the moment of typing this, I’m sitting poolside in one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever personally experienced, in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m listening to the sound of a waterfall that flows into the pool, and I am playing Kenny G’s Christmas album. Also, I’m the only one here.


That may be a bit dramatic of an entrance, but it’s also the truth. At this very moment, I am at peace. And emotional.

2015 has been a hard year.

This year was the first year I haven’t been at home (Houston, Texas) for Christmas.

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. I love the weather (even though “winter” really wasn’t a thing this year LOL), the atmosphere, the cheer, the music, the spirit, blah blah blah. The time with family, food, fellowship, time off from work (I work in education!), all of that makes me very happy. And as I’ve said before, it’s always been experienced at home for me.

2015 has been challenging. It’s definitely had it’s ups, but the downs have been DOWN.

It is, for this reason, that when my mom first asked me what I thought about leaving Houston for Christmas, I didn’t hesitate to say, “Let’s go.”

My mom loves Christmas as well, however for her, Christmas equals work. My parents’ home is traditionally the spot for Christmas dinner. It’s not unusual for 30-40 people to be over. And if you’ve ever hosted something like that, then you know IT’S WORK. Yes, the family helps and does whatever is asked/needed, but still…it’s always been work for her. Every single Christmas I’ve watched her work and cook and clean and prepare, etc. All with a smile, because she loves it.

But this year, I had the pleasure of looking over at her and seeing her sit down, relax, listen to music, talk, laugh, and watch the basketball games on Christmas day. No planning, no figuring out what’s gonna be placed where, no trying to strategically keep all the food warm, no constantly checking to see what’s getting low to refill it. It was strange. LOL. But I loved seeing her relax.

We celebrated with my dad’s side of the family this year, and my cousin and his wife were the hosts. They had everything taken care of. When my mom asked what she could do to help, she was told to sit down. I’ve NEVER seen my mom just sit down and relax at Christmas. Never. It was a sight to see. As challenging as 2015 has been for me, it’s been magnified for her for many reasons.  I don’t know why it was so important for me to see her relax and be easy, but it really really was. It did me so much good.

Spending this time with my dad’s side of the family was good for me as well. I’ve never been as close to his side as I have been with my mom’s side, but you wouldn’t know it from this trip. It was as if I’ve talked to every single one of them every single day for the past ten years. My family is full of some of the kindest, warmest, most accommodating people.

Watching my dad smile and enjoy the musical selections (my family is full of music on both ends. When we’re together, there WILL be piano performances, singing, etc!) warmed my heart. And again, giving my mom a release from her normal routine was REALLY good.

My emotions were high during this trip, as there were a few things that hit me (that I’ve probably been avoiding). These things had me in tears when I woke up Christmas morning. I then chastised myself and prayed, but then I went back to my tears and decided to let myself have that moment. It’s normal. So I stayed in that emotion. And just thanked God that my family was able to enjoy this time.

The first draft of this post basically put everything out there. However, I think I was about to share information that’s not really mine to share, and I’m uncomfortable with that. I’m not trying to be mysterious or anything, but I do want to make sure I’m respectful.

My first night here, I was on the phone with my best friend, talking about how my luggage got lost on the flight (that was a nightmare!) and the frustration with that. She shared in my sentiment. However, before we got off the phone, her tone slightly changed to a more thoughtful/insightful one. She told me that she wanted me to make sure I focus on what’s important, which is the time with my family. She told me to enjoy myself and to soak it all up, lost luggage and all.

So I did.

This vacation has been nothing short of amazing. And even though there was a considerable amount of raw emotion I experienced and will have to deal with, I don’t consider that a bad thing at all. I consider it a blessing. And I’m so thankful for the experience and the time with my family.

All in all, I don’t know if there’s a real “point” to this post, other than to just share my experiences like I do all the time anyway.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope your holiday season is going well and you’re experiencing as much peace as possible, no matter the circumstance. If not, there’s still time to turn that around!

Thanks again.


My first U-Part Wig by LuxHair Box!

I think I have discovered the best thing the good Lord has given us since clean water.

The u-part wig.


Okay. So here’s my story. Years ago I went on a healthy hair journey. I am relaxed, but at the time my hair was breaking. So I started stretching my relaxers, learned about moisturizing and sealing, co-washing, protein treatments, etc. I saw AMAZING results.

However, as of late, it seems my hair is starting to break again. So I decided to go on a “heat fast.” Starting in November, the goal was to not put (direct) heat in my hair. I did this by going to my beautician and letting her wash it and do a roller set (even though I HATEEEE sitting under the dryer. UGH!).

I then decided that I wanted a protective style. I was going to get Senegalese twists, but then my beautician suggested a u-part wig. A wig? Really? I had ZERO experience with weave (other than letting her sew in two tracks about 4 years ago which lasted about 3 weeks. I hated it. LOL), so this was new. But I decided to take a chance, especially after looking at some pictures. I got REALLY excited!

For a frame of reference, here are some pics of my real hair…







My problem areas are on my left side – edges/temple/hairline areas and my nape on the left side as well. Those areas are breaking badly.

Okay. So u-part wig, here we come!

My beautician, Latasha Stephens, makes custom wigs. They are sewn, not glued. I went and did a consult with her, and she got the measurements of my head. I then purchased the hair. I purchased the Bohyme hair in Premium Yaki. I got this because it was closest to my texture. Here is Tasha (my beautician) sewing the last pieces on my wig.

Image-1 (1)


2 (1)


Okay! Now here comes the fun part! Again, I did this because it is a protective style. So my hair is braided under the wig.


^^^On this picture, you can see one of the problem areas on my left side that I was talking about. That hair has broken off! The piece there in the front is going to be left out.




Here is the wig when it was first put on my head…



Yes, this is a wig.

And OMG. At this point…this point right here? I was SOLD. Done. Period. LOVE. IT.

It’s sewn onto my head around the edges on my braids. Not tight at all. VERY lightweight.

Here’s the final result:




Some more pictures my beautician took….











My goodness. I am in looooooooooooove.

This is 1.5 bundles of hair, by the way.

One question I was asked (after I posted a picture on Facebook) was how I was going to sleep on it. I asked my beautician the same question and she told me to wrap it just like I would y real hair. Here’s the result from that.



At the time I posted this, I literally had just taken it down. No product, no heat, nothing. Just unwrapped it and brushed it like I would my real hair.


And just for fun, here’s later on that day….



Yeah. Um. Have I said I’m in love?


I reccommend this is any and everybody. LOL. I love it. And I WILL be getting more made.

If you’d like more information about my beautician (Latasha Stephens, LuxHair Box), let me know. We’re in Houston, Texas, by the way. She also does full wigs, etc.



UPDATED: January 8, 2015

Hey guys! Here is an update on my u-part wig and maintenance! Enjoy!

As stated in the video, here are a couple of pictures of me doing my own curls….




Oh, Steve Harvey….The mistake that was heard around the universe

Unless you’re living under a rock, or aren’t on social media at all, or don’t watch TV at all, you’ve heard about probably one of the biggest and most embarrassing mistakes on live tv that happened last night. If not, well…here…


That was awkward. And sad.

I’m just not sure how one misreads this.

Media preview

The card is clear. I saw something last night saying the teleprompter said something different or whatever, but I mean….

Sheesh. I don’t know.

Now, there are a few reactions I’d like to address….


Really? Of course, this isn’t representative of ALL Colombians, but come on. This is doing the most and for your queen who still lost.

Okay, then there was this…

Out of curiosity, I did a search to see who else Gawker called a monster:

Okay. So most of these have monster quoted, and then Gawker used it outright for a man who is cutting off heads.

This is the same category they put Steve Harvey in.

Give me a damn break. He mad a HORRIBLE mistake, but Steve Harvey is no monster. Please.

And finally,

A co-winner?





Absofawkinglutely NOT.

Philippines won. Period. She shouldn’t have to share the title. What happened sucks, but Columbia did, in fact, lose. She’ll live.

I need everybody to settle down and take a breath.

This was a horrible mistake, but Steve Harvey broke no laws and the world will go on. He took full responsibility and at this point, there’s nothing else tha can be done.



Breaking News: The White House says Donald Trump’s comments disqualify him for POTUS…

There’s not a whole lot to add here…but…

In case you aren’t aware of the comments being referred to, Donald Trump recently called for all Muslims to not be allowed into the United States.

This is a legitimate source, however, I’m still waiting on something official…

Also, check this out…


Whew. Watching this very closely.

Updated: December 8, 2015, 12:40pm

Okay, so I’m thinking there must be some type of catch or something…because this isn’t being treated as if it’s a big deal. Maybe they aren’t talking literally?

Updated: December 8, 2015, 1:10pm

WASHINGTON, Dec 8 (Reuters) – The White House on Tuesday said Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s call for the United States to ban Muslims from entering the country disqualified him from becoming president and called on Republicans to reject him immediately.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Trump’s campaign had a “dustbin of history” quality to it and said his comments were offensive and toxic.

Earnest said other Republican presidential candidates, who have pledged to support the person who eventually wins their party’s nomination, should disavow Trump “right now.”

{via Huffington Post}

The Grammy nominations are out…and Omarion (yes, Omarion) is upset.

I am tickled pink!


Look. I like “Post To Be.” But….am I shocked that it didn’t receive a nomination? NOPE. Not at all, actually.

However, his “Imma do better and then you’ll see” attitude is something to be admired. Cause that’s the bottom line. Just gotta do better.

Good luck on a Grammy nomination in 2017, Omarion!

(Just saw this little exchange….)