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So I just watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion (part 1)

I am writing this RIGHT as I finished watching the first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show and my overall reaction is that I am LIVID.

Y’all. Kenya Moore is INSUFFERABLE. She is the epitome of a mean girl who ONLY makes it because there are cameras everywhere.

I am a champion for personal accountability. I believe people only take you there if you let them. BUT. That is NOT the case with Kenya Moore. This is the exception. Every woman she comes in contact with, she brings the absolute worst out of. That is an evil spirit and she has the darkest of souls.

Of ALL people, Kim Fields was thisclose to hopping across that stage and snatching her.


Kenya pushes you to the point of reacting and then wants to call you violent and act like THE distressed victim. I mean, this broad really sat up there and said she’s been bullied! I am disgusted with her. The funny thing is that I was hoping to see a different side of her given her encounter with her family and what we saw about her mother. But it seems to have gotten WORSE. This woman is AWFUL.

I mean, even Andy had to give her a short read a couple of times.

Also, I noticed that she thinks she’s the boss up on that stage. Did y’all peep her lil comments about being “the” star and such? Trying to be a shotcaller and got STRAIGHT embarrassed by her boss on national tv?

This is my desire. My desire is that Kenya Moore gets her face slid across someones floor ONE good time, and the woman (women??) who does it doesn’t get in trouble. Or, at the VERY least, I desire she gets popped in that smart ahh mouth of hers.

Kinda like what happened right after this….


…but again, without someone getting in trouble.

I cannot take it. She was AWFUL toward Kim and, in general, is an awful, messy, childish, provoking, evil, bratty, desperate, insufferable maggot who is good for nothing but a show on how not to treat other women. She literally disgusts me.



Other than that…

  • Sheree KEPT me laughing! LOL. I love her. “Oh! What you gone do!?” <– When Kim almost snatched Kenya. LMAO
  • Porsha held her own against Kenya and I appreciated her thoughts on Kim. I thought they were very honest and respectful.
  • Kandi and Phaedra (who looked GORGEOUS, by the way!!!)? Um. Yeah…let’s just go ahead and call this friendship a wrap. It seems like there is just too much of a strain to get it back on track. Maybe some more times needs to go by? I don’t know.


^^^This picture is just here to emphasize my point on how pretty Phaedra looked.

  • Cynthia (another woman who looked GORGEOUS!!! I mean flawless!) – nothing much to really tell here. Buuuuuut I see that’s gonna be a different story next week.


^^Again, just emphasizing my point on the beauty of Cynthia!!!

At the end of the day, I guess it was correct that Kim Fields didn’t fit in, seeing as though she announced that she will not be returning to the show:

“It feels more like Brett Favre and the Jets, you know — I’m done,” Fields said, referencing the quarterback’s single season with the NFL team. “I think about too, at the beginning of the season, what did my mama say? ‘Get in and get out.’ Listen to your mama.”

No shocker there! But damn. She couldn’t wait until the reunion shows ran? LOL

Alright. So that’s it for me. I just had to get that out of my system.

I feel better.

White girl calls black girl a “nigga” and then…well…just watch..

Look, white people….just…don’t.

I’ll start with the video that was posted by the black girl who was the recipient of the racial slur, Aleeyah (which, may not have been too smart of a thing to do?)…


But here’s another video that shows when ole girl called her a nigga.


Let me be clear. I do not condone violence. But MORE than that, I don’t condone people calling other people (1) out of their name and (2) using racial slurs to do so.

If you’re bold enough to call someone a racial slur, then guess what? You’re bold enough to handle the consequences. *shrugs*


Those are your consequences, Sweetheart. You get hit with the strength of a thousand ancestors.



And did y’all peep how ole girl’s friends told her to stop hitting her, but didn’t say NOT A SINGLE WORD when their friend called her a nigga?


Buuuuuuut on the flip side, all I kept thinking about is that Aleeyah was gonna have some consequences to deal with as well. So yeah, again, do what you gotta do, but just so you know (I’ve read that she isn’t going to be charged, not sure if that’s accurate)….

I’m so perplexed because I just don’t know what this chick was thinking. Cause at this point right here….


And then the sheer disbelief that this chick was not only NOT apologizing and taking it back, but in fact decided to DOUBLE DOWN on it…

I mean, just LOOK….

…all of this, coupled with the fact that she was barefoot and had her hair in a bun?


Now, here’s something to consider. I noticed in the video, the girl said “you’re on my property”….So I saw this…

So it looks like there was an issue, ole girl made some threats, Aleeyah went over there, and the rest….well you see.

Soooo now I’m like….

That’s kinda what it’s looking like. She came to that girl’s property, ALREADY prepared.

BUT. That doesn’t absolve her from using the word that set her off. It’s still not okay.

What say you? Were her (Aleeyah) actions appropriate?

Do you think she should’ve handled it differently? If so, then what?

Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies do Tap Dance Routine to “Formation” – Beyonce {Vid}

Y’all know I LOVE different forms of dance.

And you know I LOVE Beyonce…

So put those together and…


The dancers, led by sisters Chloé and Maud Arnold, are Anissa Lee, Orialis Ashley and Assata Madison.

Oh, yes, Ladies. You all Slay, and you’re DEFINITELY in Formation!

I love it!



Get rid of people in your life who support Donald Trump.

You have to.

You must.

That is, if you aren’t a sh*tty person yourself.

Look. I firmly believe that people have the right to support and vote for whatever party they choose. Even though I don’t understand how ANY person of color, woman, or LGBT identifying individual could possibly support the republican party, I mean, you still have that right.

However, at this point, you gotta let people go in your life who are supporting Donald Trump. Republican or not. And I’m not exaggerating about that.

Donald Trump rose to be the GOP front-runner WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT ANY KIND OF POLICY WHATSOEVER. He has put out ZERO plans (actually, I think he just threw together something about healthcare or something but, eh). He knows nothing. He answers NO policy question directly or completely. He says “it’s gonna be great” and “China is bad” and “I’m rich” and blah blah blah. He has given NOTHING. There is no plan. There is no goal. There’s nothing. And don’t even get me started on the media and the abundance of softballs they’ve thrown at him.

So exactly what are people supporting?

At this point, they are supporting hate. Donald Trump is hateful. And he doesn’t care. He encourages violence. He’s offensive. He’s mean. And again, he doesn’t care.

This happened:

And then this:

Asked to comment on the incident at the most recent debate, Trump did what he has always done — tepidly sidestepped the issue before offering an endorsement of this sort of violence. His supporters, he said, “have anger that’s unbelievable,” and it’s “a beautiful thing in many respects.”


A. Beautiful. Thing.

Mind you, the man who punched the protestor literally suggested the protester should be killed kill…

Well, McGraw, the culprit in the assault pictured above, has now been charged with “assault and battery, disorderly conduct and communicating threats,” according to Fayetteville, North Carolina’s WNCN. And those “threats” that were “communicated” are a real doozy. Per McGraw: “The next time we see [Jones], we might have to kill him.”

A. Beautiful. Thing.

Donald Trump is harmful to humanity. He is a racist of the worst kind, one that not only supports violence, but encourages it as well.

And he is the GOP front-runner.


MOST of the media do not call him to task.


He has tens of thousands of people at his rallies.


He is bringing out republican voters in record numbers.


All of this is just the tip of the iceberg for Donald Trump and his hate. He has been hateful toward muslims, women, and the handicapped/mentally challenged.

He’s awful.

“Many of them thugs”


Also, The GOP’s front-runner has no knowledge of the Constitution. Or, better yet, he (and his son) feel like he and his supporters are the only ones afforded the right to the First Amendment.



Look. I could go on and on and on. But the bottom line is that any supporter of Donald Trump is, at this point, supporting hate and violence. You (again, assuming you aren’t a sh*tty person) don’t need those type of people in your life.

This is a candidate that has these type of images coming out of his events:


Get Trump supporters out of your life. Immediately.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of Rachel Maddow highlighting his violence and racism, with his hateful comments put together in chronological order.

And just because it brings me joy:


Here’s why I haven’t been blogging: Just in case you were curious. :-)

I was (am?) sad. That’s what it all boils down to. Maybe sad isn’t even the right word, as so much as frustrated. EXTREMELY frustrated. Yes….that’s it. Frustrated.

Prior to blogging earlier today, and that was because I was REALLY excited about that particular story, I haven’t blogged in almost a month. I just haven’t really felt like it. So I didn’t try to force myself to do so.

One day on Twitter, I went into this mini rant (release!?) of how I am in a season of “I don’t know” and “I’m just waiting” right now in basically EVERY area of my life. There are major decisions that need to be made, but the majority of them are dependant on one. And that one is COMPLETELY out of my control.

Excuse the cuss word, but I saw this on Twitter and I identified with it. Like, that is exactly how everything is feeling. Like, “Lord, I let You take it buuuut….ummmm everything is WORSE!?!?!?! WHAT’S UP!?”

In short, I was presented with this AMAZING opportunity. I mean, it was a dream. Everything about it was almost perfect. Best of all, it would address some MAJOR areas that need addressing. And it seemed to be mine. I was walking into that thing as if I was just going through formalities because I already knew God had it for me.

But then, that opportunity (seemingly, as of now at least) didn’t work out. Mind you, this is coming from another HUGE disappointment prior to this particular opportunity (one that I literally have to face every. single. day.).

I don’t deal with that level of disappointment well (and back to back!? WHEW), which is why I tend to always assume the worst. Me being excited was a COMPLETE 180 from how I usually deal with these things. But I decided to let myself be excited. And boyyyyy did I pay for it.

In the midst of all of that, I was presented with another opportunity that was equally as amazing, and was giving me an opportunity to grow in ministry. Then guess what happened? It was taken away. In a hurtful, offensive way that was COMPLETELY unexpected and COMPLETELY blindsided me. That was a different level of disappointment. And, quite frankly, caused some injury. Couple that with the loss of the previous opportunity, and decisions that need to be made and deadlines met….and I’ve been a frustrated, stressed out mess. Also, this was during a time when I vowed to start taking better care of myself, but my body is UBER sensitive to stress and, well, that hasn’t happened.

That’s why I haven’t been writing.

But. I’m writing now. One may ask, “What has changed?” The answer is absolutely nothing. I’ve just decided to deal with the information and the situation(s) that are in front of me and to make the best out of it. I’m the type of person (unfortunately?) who has to go through the stress. I have to let myself get completely exhausted of it. But this week I decided to give myself a break. I was kind to myself and said that I CAN deal with it, all I need to do is come up with options and a plan. I’ve decided to do just that, and to ask for help in areas that I need it.

Nothing has changed. And yes, it’s still kind of frustrating when ALL I want to do is grow and be great (LOL, but seriously), but I just need NEED that ONE door opened to do so.

The urge to just give up (as in, give up trying to do/be better) was STRONG. But then one day I saw this…

I almost hollered when I saw it. To say that it was right on time is an understatement.

Then came this….




“Everything you have ever done has been in preparation for what you’re about to do.”

Whew. Okay.

This passage right here? Just those three pages, coupled with the Paula White message, gave me so much release.

I am on Spring Break now (I shall forever work in education!), and I intend to continue being kind to myself and working out a plan to address those things I CAN control. And I also plan to start back blogging regularly again, among other things I actually enjoy doing. 🙂

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on with me. It’s been a lot to deal with, but, life goes on. I still don’t have the answers, but I’ trusting that everything will work out. That is sustaining me.

If you’ve read this far, thank you!

And I hope that this can serve as some sort of encouragement for someone. There are times when everything seems to be going up in flames around us, but, we just have to hold on to the hope that everything WILL be okay, and the best is yet to come!

Having said that, I’ll leave you with this: