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Beyoncé’s old (fired?) dancer, Danielle Polanco, doesn’t see it for LEMONADE.

Danielle Polanco is a choreographer/dancer and has worked with Beyoncé on previous projects (“Countdown,” “Life Is But A Dream,” “Partition,” etc).

However, when it came to LEMONADE, this is what she had to say:


OF COURSE The Hive came for her (cause I mean REALLY?)….


One response to this tweet (of many, as you can imagine)…



There’s more…

Here’s how one of “The Mamas” responded (for those of you who don’t know, “The Mamas” are Bey’s backup singers):





Look. Danielle not liking LEMONADE is not the issue. The issue is how she expressed it. She went way beyond just saying she didn’t like it. This is more than just an opinion. It fact, she went so far as to INSULT it. Of course, after only watching “2 minutes” of it because she “didn’t have time.”

Sis. This reeks of bitterness and soon to be regret.

Professionally, this was a terrible decision. Again, not because she didn’t like it, but because she came off as being salty.

It’s just not a good look. Especially when your former employer is Beyoncé.

YOU THOUGHT there was about to be a Breakfast Club interview with Birdman! YOU. THOUGHT.


So I’m sure all of you have seen this by now, but if you haven’t, here you go…



This is silly. I don’t understand why come at all? What was the point? I know he said he wanted to come and tell them face-to-face to respek his name, but….when asked what he was talking about he wouldn’t go into that.

And Charlemagne had a REALLY good point. Did you pull up on anybody else like that?


Anyway. It was great for my Friday because Twitter is gonna Twitter…

Media preview

Now THIS one has me dead…

And, my personal favorite…


This has been me all day……

(By the way…ain’t this like…the third time Angela Yee has gotten cussed out AT HER JOB within a month?)

Kelly Ripa didn’t show up on set for her own show!

Yesterday, news broke of Michael Strahan leaving “Live With Kelly and Michael” to become a full time anchor or “Good Morning America.” A shocker, to say the least, however, it seems like the public weren’t the only ones surprised by the news.

Kelly Ripa did not show up for her TV show Wednesday … and our ABC sources say this may just be the first in a string of absences.

Our sources tell us Kelly made the decision shortly after she was informed Strahan was bailing on her show to co-host “Good Morning America.” We broke the story Kelly was told at 10:30 AM Tuesday, just as the announcement was being blasted out to the media … and she was outraged.

We’re told Kelly feels disrespected and humiliated that she wasn’t given the courtesy of a heads-up. Our sources say she may not show for the foreseeable future.

Michael walked onstage Wednesday with Ana Gasteyer, and he made light of the move.

The ‘Live’ staff is furious at Disney and CEO Bob Iger’s decision to keep them in the dark.


Aw man. This isn’t a good look, for anybody. I understand why Kelly would be upset though. If she really did find out when the rest of us did, that’s not fair to her. She deserved advance notice (assuming the powers that be had it as well).

It’s going to be interesting to see how this is dealt with.

Here’s how Michael handled it this morning:



Updated: April 20, 2016, 11:15am

Apparently Kelly is big mad. She’s refusing to go back on the show until Michael leaves!

No reason was given for the sudden absence and it is now unclear when she will return to the work as multiple sources at ABC tell that Ripa is refusing to turn up to work until Strahan leaves the show.

The sources claim that Ripa was blindsided by the decision to move Strahan, adding that the company thinks the success of Good Morning America is more important than Live, and had grown concerned as GMA has become increasingly threatened by Today in recent months.

A source close to Ripa says; ‘Kelly isn’t making any demands. She is very hurt that Disney hasn’t even spoken to her yet so they are assuming that she isn’t coming back.’

The source adds; ‘She wants to wait and see what happens. She’d also like someone to do the right thing and speak to her face to face rather than plot and plan behind her back.’

Meanwhile, sources claim that the decision to move Strahan to Good Morning America was all the work of Disney Media co-chair and former ABC News president Ben Sherwood.

The sources say that Sherwood is hoping to stabilize Good Morning America and believes that Strahan is perfect for the show’s 8:00 hour.

Even the bosses at Good Morning America were unaware of the move says one source, though a rep for ABC firmly denies this claim.

Daily Mail


Truth be told, I totally understand Kelly’s shock. And I believe that she should’ve been told face to face, before the public was. Maybe like…an hour or so before.

Look. This is the thing. It is common knowledge (at least, for people of color – yes, I took it there), that you say NOTHING to NOONE about your next move until it is a 100% done deal. Cause yeah. People you thought you knew will turn around and try to block it. I’ve seen it happen, and I’m sure you all have as well. So I don’t blame Michael for keeping it on the hush.

Buuuuut I need Kelly to not act like a child and throw a tantrum. This is a huge deal for Michael, and the bottom line is that he did what was best for his career. A conversation should happen between Kelly and Michael, cause IF they are going to be on screen together (if she doesn’t stay away), they have to have a decent working relationship until he leaves. Take some time, but get over it and show up for work, Kelly!


Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. Or, at all for that matter.

Why am I voting at all?

While I have lost A LOT of faith in the government, I am not yet at the point to where I’m ready to quit voting completely. I still choose to be, at least minimally, active in politics and cast my vote according to my desires and what I’d like to see what happens.

I know a lot of people think that voting means nothing. But I’d also like to point out that that’s exactly why President Obama had to go through what he’s gone though, and still is. We got him in there, but didn’t give him what he needed.

Why am I voting as a democrat?

This also addresses the “why am I voting at all” question. I am voting my interests. I understand that ALL politicians have their undesirable characteristics and history. I know that most say what they are going to do, and then they don’t (can’t?) do most of it. But which party is more than likely going to uphold/further my interests?

I believe anybody who puts in 40 hours or more at a place of employment should be able to earn a livable wage.

I believe women should be able to make the choice on what to do with their own bodies.

I believe universal healthcare is a good thing.

I believe global warming is a thing.

I believe education should be more affordable/accessible.

I believe Planned Parenthood should continue to be funded.

I believe measures should be taken to protect those who are of a “minority” or disenfranchised class, whether that be gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

When it comes to foreign policy, I can’t really call it. I know that as long as humans are here and power and money are a thing, there will ALWAYS be war. There will ALWAYS be innocent people who suffer and die from said war. And, unfortunately, the United States of America will ALWAYS back Israel. So on this, I’m more interested in the party that is less likely to piss people off to the point of putting the United States homeland in (further) danger? That’s all I’ve got.

These are just to name a few.

Which party aligns with my views and interests?


Why am I voting for Hillary Clinton?

This one is really simple.

She’s going to be the nominee.

This has always been my reality. Now, let’s say that somehow she isn’t the nominee and it’s Bernie Sanders. There are some people who say if their candidate doesn’t win, then they aren’t voting at all. This is crazy to me. Because again, (1) I’m not to the point where I am ready to give up voting all-together and (2) I am wanting to vote for the candidate who is more than likely going to further my interests. If that just so happens to be Bernie Sanders, then so be it.

I know Hillary Clinton has received A LOT of backlash. And while I believe some of it is reaching, I also believe that important questions are being asked, necessary issues are being addressed, and proper accountability is being held. I do not believe the Clintons are racists. I don’t believe there is a single hateful bone in their bodies. I do believe they are out of touch. There are some things they aren’t going to understand. However, I’ve seen a couple of moments when HRC (and Bernie Sanders, for that matter) has tried to reach out and she’s been met with hostility and a refusal to have an open dialogue.

HRC isn’t the motherly, warm, cuddly, friendly, soft-spoken woman is seems like most are expecting from her. She is strong, stern, stony, rigid, tough, and maybe even curt at times. But she knows her stuff. She is one of THE smartest and most qualified women out there for the office of POTUS. And that is based on her own strength, NOT her husband’s.

Could things have been done/said differently by both of these candidates? Yup. Am I willing to hold that against them to the point where I decide I don’t care if Donald Trump (or whoever) gets their awful little hands on the office of POTUS? Nope.

Also, I will admit that I am VERY unenthusiastic about this presidential election. However, I AM looking forward to who HRC picks as her VP. I have a name in mind, and if she follows directions then THAT would make me excited.

That’s where I am, guys.

I used to have a certain opinion of people who chose not to vote at all. I no longer have that opinion because I completely get it.

I’m just am not there yet.

So. Here we are.


The (fake?) outrage over Buzzfeed’s “Questions Blacks have for Blacks” video is….interesting…

*Disclaimer: I have no idea how this video came about. I’m still looking and waiting for answers, but if I find out something different than what I’ve assumed in here, I’ll be back. Believe that.*

Buzzfeed put out a video, “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People.”

People are outraged.

But before I go further, let me post the video so you can see it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Okay. Got it?

Like I said, people are big mad.

I’ve even seen the word “racist” used. As well as the sentiment that the black people in the video aren’t “real” black people. Which is basically proving one of the points made in the video.

But I digress.

Look. Racist, this is not. I can’t be sure, but I’m willing to bet GOOD money that a bunch of white Buzzfeed employees/writers didn’t go up to black folks with a script and tell them what to say. I am also equally as sure that white people didn’t get in a meeting and say, “Hey blacks! Let’s do a video with just y’all asking ridiculous questions to other blacks! Here are the questions we’ve written! Yay!”

No. It’s not racist.

HOWEVER. Some of the questions in here are VERY dumb. Like. REALLY REALLY stupid. One example:  “Why are we more likely to get engaged in the most recent dance trend than we are to be involved in politics or opening a business?”

Like, really? Shutup. Black folks are capable of doing more than one thing at a time. I can dance in one minute and tell you what’s happening with this Godforsaken presidential election mess in the next. Go away.

But my issue is with people hitting back at some of these questions as if we really don’t ask them. For example: “Why is it so hard to be on time?”

I’ve seen responses to this one talking about how out of touch the question is and stereotypical.


Hello. This is TRUE! Like, it’s something we say about each other ALL. THE. TIME. We’ve even given it a name, “Colored People Time (buuuut yeah, not a good look, Mayor Bill de Blasio. Like, AT ALL. Ugh)”!!!!!! THIS ISN’T NEW! IT’S NOT A LIE! Stop acting like it’s a stupid question or like we don’t REALLY ask this just because you’re upset at the video.

Come on.

Anyway, one of the responses to this video I like is from Bossip. I encourage you to go and read it in its entirety, but here are a couple….

5. Why are we more likely to get engaged in the most recent dance trend than we are to be involved in politics or opening a business?

Are you fu-. Okay, look. I decided I would answer all these questions and I’m at question five and immediately regret my decision. Do you know how many Black businesses there are? Do you know how many Black people hold office in this country despite the fact the country specifically wants this to NOT happen? There’s a whole goddamn magazine called Black Enterprise about Black people owning businesses. It’s been around forever.

6. Why did watermelon become our thing? Like, everyone should love watermelon.

White people made watermelon a Black thing. Black people had literally zero percent to do with that. I swear to God if the next question is “why do Black people pick SO. MUCH. COTTON.” I’m gonna throw my computer. But also not be terribly surprised.

7. Why do you get upset when I don’t like a Black celebrity?

We don’t. We literally don’t. Unless you’re talking about Beyonce or Steph Curry. If you hate them then you’re dead to me.

Here’s an interesting answer:

20. Why is growing up without a father so common within our race?

This is where the video took things to a whole entire new level. This is where the rage set it. How can you fix your mouth to even ask this question? Let’s discuss the prison industrial complex. Let’s discuss the unfair incarceration rates of Black men. Let’s also discuss the fact that the Black community is full of present fathers.

This question was the money shot. It was the nut punch to my Black, happy soul that let me know that this video was made to purposefully spite Black people.

At this point, I want to take a moment and discuss what people are saying about the Black writers at Buzzfeed who weren’t involved with this video as if they have some ability to override a video like this being made. White privilege is going to White privilege and they don’t care about Black people and their feelings. I’d wager that the only Black people who knew about the video are the “I don’t have any Black friends” a$$ Black people in this video. And even if Black people at Buzzfeed spoke up in private, it’s pretty clear and common for their concerns to get overruled. Because that’s what happens with White privilege and supremacy.

But anyway, this motherf***er fixed his shucking and jiving a$$ lips to ask about absent fathers in the Black community in the two thousand and sixteenth year of our Lord and savior. I really want to punch him.

And I say that it is interesting because the author is making a claim that blacks at Buzzfeed (who aren’t in the video) had a problem with it, but their opinions didn’t matter because of white privilege and the whites thought it was a great idea so it happened. I haven’t seen the background of the making of the video (I’ve looked AND I’ve asked), but IF that was the case then yeah, it’s a problem.

Buuuuut then my question would be can we really blame whites for black folks WILLINGLY getting in front of the camera and filming?

To me, this smells of blacks not wanting to air our business out in public. Kinda like, “keep what goes on in the family, in the family.” But the racist claims and such? Everybody relax. This ain’t that.

Again, were there some stupid questions? Yeah. But are some of y’all taking it WAY too seriously (I think some parts were actually meant to be funny)? ABSOLUTELY. Were some on here some that I’ve literally seen/heard blacks ask? Repeatedly? ABSOLUTELY.

That’s my take on it. What do you all think?