Rules for listening to Adele’s new single (and album).

Adele released new music this morning and…..

Well…here. But be careful. Here’s a little warning…

You’ve been warned.

First of all, EVERYTHING about this is perfect.

The song is PERFECT.

The video is PERFECT.

Her voice is PERFECT.

And she is absolutely beautiful.

Next, ADELE???? WYD!?

Like, are you trying to kill us?

And guys, look at the track list for her album (November 20th):

Media preview

Definitely trying to kill us.

A few rules to help get you through this time.

  1. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT listen to ANY of this if you aren’t over your ex. Just don’t do it!
  2. DO NOT listen to this between the hours of 6pm and 10am (that’s gonna be my method, at least).
  3. DO NOT drink while listening to this. Especially wine. Don’t drink wine while listening to this.
  4. Go ahead and delete your ex’s number(s).
  5. Unfollow you ex on all social media accounts. Right now. Do it. Right now.
  6. Maybe you SHOULD drink while listening.
  7. – 10. Have someone on standby to call and check on you periodically from November 20th – 27th. This is UBER important.

Tracks 1 – 3. I just….I can’t.

And y’all said that she wouldn’t be able to serve cause she’s in a happy relationship now and has a baby.


She showed y’all.



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