Anonymous says they have footage of how Sandra Bland was killed. Ok.

This happened about a week ago:

I don’t really feel the need to go too much into what is going on with this case, because I feel that most people know. But here are some basics…

Here is a video of her arrest…

And here is the full dashcam video of the incident (starts around the 2:10 mark):

Anonymous then released this video:

Well, it seems as if some (if not A LOT) of people aren’t taking Anon at their word.

I’ll say this, when I initially saw the “we have the raw footage of her murder” I was HOPING that they really did. Because if not, that is REALLY insensitive. And it’s not right. Others responded to Anon saying that if they had the footage, why wait for 72 hours? Release it now.

To the whole “Sandra is dead in her mugshot” theory….


So yeah. She’s not dead.

Personally, I believe Sandra committed suicide. And I ALSO believe that that doesn’t absolve the police here AT ALL. She shouldn’t have ever been in jail in the first place. I believe the amount of weed a depressed person smokes/ingests is important. Seeing as though she was depressed to the point of cutting, the weed IS a factor. And I understand running the tests to see when she ingested it.

HOWEVER. Framing this to “blame” the suicide on marijuana is not okay. That IS NOT the point, here. Trying to take the focus off of the unlawful actions of the police and the AWFUL standard of care to try and focus on weed? NOPE. This is a point discussed in Forbes, and I suggest going to read the entire article.

Waller County officials have suggested that something else Bland smoked may have contributed to her arrest or her death. Atoxicological report released on Monday says Bland’s blood contained about 18 nanograms of THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient, per milliliter. “It may be relevant as to her state of mind to determine what happened on the street,” First Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam told reporters. “It may be relevant to her state of mind to determine how or why she committed suicide.” Maybe, but probably not.

The Associated Press noted that the level of THC in Bland’s blood is “more than three times the legal limit for drivers in Colorado and Washington, states that permit the recreational use of marijuana.” That comparison makes it sound like Bland must have been intoxicated when she died, unless you know that the five-nanogram cutoff used in Colorado and Washington does not necessarily indicate impairment. That is especially true in regular users, who develop tolerance and accumulate THC in their fatty tissue. Under the five-nanogram standard, many of them could be charged with drugged driving any time they get behind the wheel, even when they are perfectly capable of driving safely.

The bottom line, for me, is that there’s A LOT in here that isn’t right, and that doesn’t add up. The information is being released in pieces, and that’s frustrating. It is TOO easy to clear up some of these questions. For example, with the mugshot. That (releasing the footage) should’ve been done immediately.

There are still so many question surrounding all of this, and I still believe there is some foul play somewhere on the part of the police (other than the obvious). We need answers. And I’m not sure if/when we’re going to get them.

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