Anti-drug organization, D.A.R.E., shows support for marijuana legalization

D.A.R.E. posted an op-ed on its website (which has since been archived here), that shows support for legalizing marijuana.

As a former deputy sheriff, I know from enforcing senseless marijuana laws that children only are being put in more danger when marijuana is kept illegal (“ Legal pot poses another threat to children,” July 8 letter from Dr. Johanna Said). The term “controlled substance” is very misleading.

The goal of prohibiting marijuana was to eradicate its use, but in reality, the drug has become infinitely harder for law enforcement to control. People like me, and other advocates of marijuana legalization, are not totally blind to the harms that drugs pose to children. We just happen to know that legalizing and regulating marijuana will actually make everyone safer. Merely decriminalizing it will do nothing to undercut the dangerous illicit market that is currently selling to kids everywhere.

I support legalization precisely because I want to reduce youths’ drug use. Drug dealers don’t care about a customer’s age. The answer isn’t prohibition and incarceration; the answer is regulation and education.

We already tried alcohol prohibition and it was a violent catastrophe, too. Please don’t let Ohio be known as one of the last bastions of marijuana hysteria.

I’m for legalizing marijuana. Why? Two major reasons.

1. Because alcohol is legal. And there is NO WAY alcohol should be legal and weed isn’t. I would go into all of the details and get real deep with my argument, but eh. Here’s a little bit

Marijuana affects the cardiovascular system, increasing heart rate and blood pressure, but a person can’t fatally overdose on pot like they can with alcohol, Baler said.

Alcohol is more likely than marijuana to interact with other drugs. The way that alcohol is metabolized, or broken down, in the body, is common to many drugs that are taken for a variety of conditions, said Gary Murray, acting director of the Division of Metabolism and Health Effects at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

I’m open to hearing your (reader) argument against this point though….

2. Because there are HUGE health benefits to marijuana (cancer treatment, seizures, anxiety, chronic pain, just to mane a few). The list is long. Here is a great summary from Business Insider on this. We can’t safely provide it to those who could benefit, nor can we tell what is too much for any particular issue or how it could interact with other medicines. Why? Because it is federally illegal. And so research can’t be done (or research facilities would lose federal funding).

I’m glad that more truth is starting to come out about the benefits of marijuana. At the VERY least, it should be decriminalized.

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