Arian Foster Responds to Donald Sterling Controversy

The Clippers are set to play the Warriors tomorrow…at The Staples Center.  Questions have come up asking if the players should even play (given where the game is set to be played.)  Arian Foster weighs in.


^^The question

^^The answer.


I know it’s hard to say what one would do given a situation they have never had to face, but I believe Arian on this one.

It’s BIGGER than basketball (or any other sport).  This is the comment I made on my Facebook page yesterday when the comment was made that the players shouldn’t play in the game yesterday:

“I completely understand that position, and almost immediately went that route.

However, I wonder if that would do more harm than good? I’m hoping they want to get traded, etc. And they still need to keep up their personal stats etc.

Now. On the other hand, I believe this is why us blacks of today can’t get anything done in unity. We are worried about our jobs, finances, etc as opposed to being willing to give all of that up to make a point and FORCE action. Our people back in the day were QUICK to march, sit in, etc to facilitate change. We don’t have that in us anymore.”

Much respect to the Clippers for this though:

{via Bleacher Report}

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