ATL Greek Picnic: BLGOs Get COMPLETELY Out of Line in Hotel

In case you’re wondering what Atlanta Greek Picnic is:

The Atlanta Greek Picnic weekend is the #1 yearly event amongst 9 other similar events across the country designed to provide members of the prestigious Divine Nine Greek letter organization a unique experience that caters to them. This group of influential leaders and tastemakers have consistently drawn a wide variety of Divine 9 members of the Black Fraternities and Sororities all across states across the country that have proclaimed Atlanta Greek Picnic as the “Biggest and Best Greek Picnic weekend in the country”. This event has grown from its subtle beginnings to becoming the most popular destination and focal point for all Greek Chapters, Line Brothers, Line Sisters and Sands to reunite and socialize for one exciting weekend of unity, Service and bonding.

The Atlanta Greek picnic weekend is a great opportunity for us to empower, enlighten and reach out to our Divine 9 organizations with this incredible platform.

Despite the competitiveness of Greeks to be recognized as the number one organization, the unity, respect and competitive spirit is definitely present amongst each other as they bond together for a fun filled weekend of establishing new relationships, Networking and awareness.

As we celebrate 10 successful years of Atlanta Greek Picnic, We are excited as we have another amazing year of events  that will continue to create memories that last a lifetime, establish new and strengthen existing relationships that continue to promote and strengthen Greeks unity amongst all organizations.

This was a video that was posted from the Atlanta Greek Picnic this past weekend. I suspect that this will be deleted soon.

It is absolutely horrible and unacceptable.  There are other guests in that hotel.  ATL Greek Picnic responded on Twitter.

I share this sentiment.  This is absolute ridiculousness and foolishness.  Almost every single stereotype that people have of young blacks was fulfilled not only during this incident, but from what I’m reading other incidents as well.

What is wrong with you people? These new Greeks are going to be the end of our organizations.  Not just from this, but from the display of stupidity that we’re reading about every other month of how you decide to “pledge” new members.  Some of y’all have really lost your minds.

Get it together.

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