August Alsina feels on woman’s breasts…on stage. {Vid}

Once again, I was greeted with massive amounts of foolishness this morning on Twitter….

Now. There are generally two reactions to this.


And then…

Here’s my take:

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This crosses EVERY line. You can see she was uncomfortable. I understand being sensual and sexy or whatever on stage at a concert, but he literally felt her up on stage and ALMOST got skin to skin contact with her breasts.

No. It’s not okay. SMH

And bless your heart if you fix your mouth to utter the words that she should’ve known what to expect. NO (well maybe there are a few, but I’m only saying that cause you can’t ever say all of anything) woman gets on stage “expecting” for her breasts to be felt on.

That’s my take. What say you?

UPDATE: 3:25pm

August responded…


That is that.

Look, Ladies. If y’all like it, I love it. It’s cool to let a man rub on your breasts? Aiight! Good luck with that. *shrugs*

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