‘Why Black Men Need More White Women’ – GOP Strategist Raynard Jackson:

Well well well. Look at this piece of sh*t right here:

Pointing to disheartening unemployment statistics, President Obama’s support for the LGBTQ community and his stance on immigration, Jackson opines that Obama is undermining the desirability of Black men to Black women by not addressing issues that negatively impact the Black community.

Because of this, Jackson chastises Black women for supporting one Black men to the detriment of millions.

This is why Black men need more White women like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.  Even though they are conservative media personalities, they have done more to promote the well-being of Black males than many of the very women who stridently complain about the lack of “eligible” Black men. 

Obama has done more for same-sex marriage couples than he has for his same-race brothers and sisters. In fact, Newsweek dubbed him our first gay president – not for his sexual orientation, but for his relentless pandering to homosexuals. He has also advocated amnesty for those in this country illegally, which will only continue to increase the unemployment rate in the Black community, especially among low and under-skilled Black workers. This will further decrease the pool of potential Black men for women to date and marry. Let’s face it, our women are not going to marry someone who is unemployed or underemployed. Historically, Black women have been notoriously protective of their men and children. It is ironic that Coulter and Ingraham, two conservative White women, are now assuming that role. We Black men need more White women like Coulter and Ingraham, not Black women who will give a pass to a failing Black president.

{via NewsOne}


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you get when you let anybody just publish anything.

This is what you get when you have someone willing to scratch the bottom of a sh*t-filled barrel to attempt to make a point.  Like, how do you even get from point A to point B with this?

This here is what you get when you have a black man thirsting so much for the attention and accolades of his predominately white political party, that he is willing to throw an ENTIRE sex of an ENTIRE race/ethnicity under the bus in the most offensive of ways.

His hate for President Barack Obama and his longing to be patted on the back by those higher up in the republican party is so deep, that he is willing to, somehow, tie black women voting for that ONE person to abandoning ALL black men. The generalization is ridiculous, just as much as it is childish.

But let me assure you of this.  This is one black man that I don’t want either way it goes. He really can go hop in the bed with both Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin and have a wonderful threesome.  That is actually what he deserves.  He could go out here and impregnate an entire family of white women and make wonderful mixed babies and I would honestly be alright. He could go out and flaunt as many white women as he desires on his arm and not a single f*** would be given that day. Not a single one.

His lack of common sense and logic is even more unattractive to me than that stupid grin and unkempt face. In fact, I’m willing to say that it’s safer for EVERY black woman if they didn’t end up with this imbecile.


P.S.  When black men talk down on ALL black women, are they aware that they are speaking about their own mothers as well?

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