Booker T. Washington/HSEP students (Houston, Texas) print 3-D hand for 6 year old girl.

Booker T. Washington High School and the High School for Engineering Professions.

These are the kinds of stories that warm my heart.

And what makes it extra special (for me) is that this is the high school I graduated from (I was in the engineering program, which is where I found out engineering was NOT my gift. Amen.)!


Gracie Henderson was born without part of her left arm and hand. Students at Booker T. Washington created a 3-D printed hand that contains three fingers.

“I want to pick apples with it,” said Gracie.

“It’s not just a gift to her but it’s a gift to me because I know I’m helping her,” student Shemia Anderson.

Gracie has had other prosthetics but she out grew them. The students are making final adjustments and Gracie should be picking apples in no time.


I’m over here all the way in my feelings!

So proud of these students, and I hope Gracie will be able to pick ALL of the apples and take her dog on ALL of the walks!

Good look.

Proud to be an Eagle.

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