YOU THOUGHT there was about to be a Breakfast Club interview with Birdman! YOU. THOUGHT.


So I’m sure all of you have seen this by now, but if you haven’t, here you go…



This is silly. I don’t understand why come at all? What was the point? I know he said he wanted to come and tell them face-to-face to respek his name, but….when asked what he was talking about he wouldn’t go into that.

And Charlemagne had a REALLY good point. Did you pull up on anybody else like that?


Anyway. It was great for my Friday because Twitter is gonna Twitter…

Media preview

Now THIS one has me dead…

And, my personal favorite…


This has been me all day……

(By the way…ain’t this like…the third time Angela Yee has gotten cussed out AT HER JOB within a month?)

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