BYE 2013…

As this year comes to a close, I think most people start to reflect on 2013, even if it’s just a little bit.  I know I have.  However, I’m choosing to do it a little differently this time.  And I invite you to do the same.  I’m choosing to celebrate the good and learn from the not so good.  Now, this is something that is often said, but how often do we REALLY do it? How often do we reflect on the negative stuff, admit, address, and forgive ourselves for our part in it, own it, and CHOOSE to let it go and move forward?

In my continued reflections on the not so good (because I tend to ruminate on those things more), there are some questions I’ve had to ask and answer.  At times, it’s been hard to do both. What do my not so good decisions say about me?  What do the people I attracted this year say about me?  What about the people I had to let go, or left me?  How did I handle difficult situations? What does it all say about me as a person?  And after answering honestly, are those parts of me that I am proud of? Or is there work to be done?

What about my goals for this past year? Did I meet them (my personal answer, for the most part, is no)?  Did I take care of myself physically?  Mentally? Spiritually? If no, why not? Are those goals still important to me? How can I improve?  My method of “resolutions” isn’t a long list of complicated items.  This year it is really about two major things, with small, attainable steps to get to it.  I didn’t meet them previously, so I clearly need to tweak it and just move forward.  That is my focus for 2014. Moving forward.

I am declaring 2014 to be an AMAZING year.  A GREAT year.  A BLESSED year. An ABUNDANT year.  And the reason I’m declaring that isn’t because of what I am expecting from external circumstances, but because of the work I’m committing to do on the inside.  Work that will be very challenging.  Changing/adjusting MY attitude. Meeting MY goals. Taking care of ME, in all areas.  THESE are things I CAN control.

I hope the same goes for all of you who may be reading this.  I hope that if this year wasn’t quite as great as you expected, that you go into 2014 with great expectation, hope, and above all, faith. I pray that each and every one of you finds what you need to give you that little push to do better, and *be* better.  I pray that the Lord touches every area of your life that needs to be touched and holds you just a little tighter.  I pray that He reveals His will for you, and places you right in the middle of it.  I pray that He shifts any and everything that was meant to break you down, and instead turns it around for your good.  I pray that he makes your enemies your footstool, and changes your situation in a way that your testimony can ONLY be, GOD DID IT!

Here is a BIG thank you for making TashaSays possible, and to wishing you a VERY Happy New Year!!  Have fun and be safe!


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