Call It What It Is: The Affordable Care Act

President Obama disappointed me.  I think it was a terrible mistake to embrace what the Republicans named the healthcare LAW, “Obamacare.”

Every single time I hear it, I cringe.  In my opinion, it cheapens it.  And it makes the lowly informed layperson forget that it is, indeed, a law.

Either way, it’s here.  And I am of the opinion that it is amazing.  I will never understand the fight against people being able to get insurance, no matter the condition.  I simply don’t get it.

In case you live under a rock, tonight at 11:59pm is the deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act. I was watching “Morning Joe” this morning and there was someone on there talking about it, who is clearly against it. He was asking someone else (who is in support of ACA) if they thought the White House was making up the numbers in order to reach the magic 6,000,000 number of people enrolled.

Um. THE WHITE HOUSE? Just…faking numbers? KNOWING how much you people are gonna be watching? Come on.  So yeah, when that got absolutely shot down, this person then asked if enough healthy people were signing up for it to make it all really worth it.  The response was that what REALLY matters is that sick people are getting covered.  I mean…

Anyway, not everybody is being complete idiots about HEALTHCARE (can we all agree that this really isn’t about healthcare at all?).

^^ FOR. THE. WIN. And if you have no idea what this is referring to, then that just means you didn’t watch arguable THE bst television show EVER.

^^This touched my heart.

^^ It’s true. Cause. Mitt Romney…but I digress…

^^Okay. So this is funny.


^^BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And just in case you want to read the story, click here.

Here’s a piece of the response….

Ted Cruz

LOL!  I know those are just two responses, but there were enough positive responses for multiple media outlets to write about it.


Either way, if you haven’t got covered, make sure you do so.  Yes, it’s probably going to take longer as the website is experiencing some difficulties, but tell me what website doesn’t when literally a million (or more) people are on it at the same time trying to do the same thing.

I’ll wait.

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