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Look at Mona Scott Young Lying to Us

Shoutout to one of my faithful readers for pointing this out to me last night (hey, Donie!)!

So y’all remember from Monday evening when Joseline was leaving Stevie cause she needed a break? When she went to go chill with K. Michelle cause she didn’t want to be around Stevie J?

Here’s a photo from that evening….


And y’all remember how she left and went there without telling Stevie where she was going? Right?  And how she didn’t want to be around Stevie? Right?




I guess 12 weeks ago (when the photo was posted by Joseline on Instagram), Joseline wasn’t aware that Stevie wasn’t supposed to know where she was.

I considered that maybe this was two completely different times. But nah. Both of these photos were posted on the same day.  And I understand wearing the same dress on two different occasions, but the same exact hair? Necklace? Bracelet? Nah.  These pictures were taken the same night.


We see past your lies, Mona. SMH

Joseline Hernandez “in the studio” – and I’m like… O_O (Video)

Now.  When this happened….

 …and I said “ABSOLUTELY NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE HISTORY OF EVER HOW DARE HE EVEN MENTION HER NAME IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS”….  I had some people TRY IT and say, “Why?  He’s worked with great people and has made hits blah blah blah.”

Now…he DID let us know that he’s worked with Beyonce before.

Y’all.  He reached back into 2003.  And it peaked at number 35 on the charts.  And she (1) didn’t include it on her album, (2) didn’t perform it on any televised anything, but (3) put it in a set list for a tour so I guess that’s something.   But…can y’all tell me what he’s done in the past 10 years?  

I had a friend alert me to the following this morning. Anyway…take a look at this and understand why y’all MUST have a seat.  


In the year of our Lord, 2014, THIS is who he has taken up under his wing…THIS is the artist whose career HE says HE is responsible for.  THIS. IS. HIS. ARTIST.  


LHHATL: Joseline Hernandez Tweets That Stevie J Beats Her?

Man. Looks like Joseline is going through something right now….unless she got hacked.  Peep it.

Like….what? I don’t know, guys.  I’m thinking she’s been hacked? But that did look like her hand in the other picture…but maybe someone has stolen her phone? I’ll keep updating this. We’ll see.

UPDATED: May 20, 2014, 1:15pm

Welp.  There it is.