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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Supertrailer + Episode Preview

I tried to not be excited about this but OH WELL HERE I AM.


First of all, check out the Supertrailer (FINALLY)!!!

And here’s the preview for the first episode airing Monday, April 20th!






I won’t lie. My heart started racing while watching the supertrailer.

Judge me or whatever. This is my ratchet guilty pleasure and I’m loving every single second of it.

I have SOOOOOO many questions!

Joc has 4 baby mamas!? 8 kids!? And women are STILL letting him hit raw? SIS!?

Scrappy owes $45k in child support?

Mama Dee dissing how that man proposed as she sticks her finger in her drink to pull the ring out!? LOL

Joseline STILL saying she doesn’t do drugs?

RASHEEDA IS STILL PUTTING UP WITH KIRK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

Does Kaleena and Tony have their other child back yet?

MIMI SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH NEMO (although this isn’t suprising seeing as though she simply isn’t that bright)!?!?!?!

Also. Ummm. I didn’t miss Benzino and what’s her name on here. Like, at all. I’m just now realizing they weren’t on there and remembering they were kicked to the curb.

Dah well.

Whew! Are y’all ready!?

Uh OH! Benzino and Althea fired from LHHATL?

Am I late or something? Whew! Looks like Benzino and Althea have been fired, and he didn’t take it well:

So this is the story TMZ reported:

Benzino and fiancee Althea Eaton think “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” should air on Animal Planet … because they think producers are making them scapegoats.

Production sources tell us the couple was given the boot Wednesday AM … with no explanation.

Benzino says it’s obvious he and Althea are being blamed for the fight between them and castmates Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J … a brawl that proved irresistible for other cast members.

TMZ broke the story … Althea sued Joseline, claiming she started the fight while she was high on crack.

Although Althea got her ass whooped … producers sided with Joseline, even though other castmates felt Joseline should have gotten the boot.

VH1 wouldn’t comment, but it’s pretty obvious. Joseline’s better TV, and that trumps everything.

Annnnn it looks like Benzino and Althea found out the same way everybody else did?


He also put up a tweet right here that said, “You can’t fire a boss.” But HMMM. Seems to have been deleted?



And just in case you were wondering:

WHEW! What a mess. Mona gives no fawks, huh? SMH


LHHATL: “Blast From The Past” S:3, E:15 (review)

Karlie Redd

-“She can’t even fit her clothes!” – LOL

-Joc told her she has been diagnosed with THOTism. idied.

-SMH this is ridiculous. This scene in the club? No. Like, what’s the point?

– “Althea needs to be wearing black to her wedding because that coochie dead.” <— BYE, KARLIE!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


– I think it’s great that Deb is taking the time to try and be a mother figure to Mimi. She needs it.

– Stevie damaged Mimi for real. And she hasn’t gotten over it at all.  Her moving from man to man trying to “feel better” is only making her sink deeper in a dark hole. She’s gotta get help for all of that. She MUST heal.

– Mimi looks absolutely….tired. Just worn out and down.

– Girl WHAT!?!? Nikko is MARRIED!?!?!?! MIMI. GIRL. WTH!? I’m…..WHEW! And from the preview for next week he’s talking about, “but I’m publicly with you.” OH. BISH.


– I think Althea sang this whole song in two notes. It’s cute though.

– Now EYE would never sign a pre-nup, however, I understand Benzino asking for one. However, in the club? O_o And it’s NEVER okay to start a sentence off with “Well Kirk said…” NOPE.

– Two weeks?



– Her mom’s been married 5 times? K.

– This walk she has in these dresses. LOL


– He’s acting like Karlie is wrong for being upset (forgetting that she’s silly for getting involved with him in the first place)…like he’s been this model boyfriend and Karlie is tripping. I can’t.

Stevie J

– I still don’t understand all of these meetings. Why can’t they handle this over the phone or something? Anyway, Stevie is telling Mimi nothing but the truth about NoNo.

– Did Stevie start whistling “Star Spangled Banner” when Mimi walked out? LOL


– It’s cool that they recognize that she and Scrappy recognize that they are good friends but horrible as a couple.

– Imani is like a grown woman. When did this happen?


– All I want is for her to change her look in these clips. This side ponytail and black lips with the leopard shirt is bout to kill me.

Mama Dee

– Scrappy’s face when she said she’s writing her new hit single!!!! LMAOOOO! But um yeah. I had to rewind juuuuust to make sure I heard her correctly (and to see his face again).

– Why does she talk as if she’s using a million commas?

– HOLD UP! DID SHE COME FOR BEYONCE!? Ha ha. Just kidding.  There’s no need for me to even get even the slightest bit upset over that.

– THIS SINGING. Y’all. I didn’t make it. LOL. I legit paused it. Cause I can’t take her seriously and cause Scrappy looking at her over his glasses is bout to kill me. iHollered.

– “Of course Imma make that call cause *she deservessss to be loooooved*” SCRAPPY’S FACE LOOKS LIKE HE’S DISGUSTED.

– “I know I’ve been hopping, from here to there, with Scrappy’s b******”….. LMAO!!!!! Ma’am.

– Mama Dee almost made me cry when she was talking to Erica. That was sweet.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode!! Looks like it’s about to go ALL the way down! Whew!

LHHATL: “Life Happens” (S:3, E: 13 – Review)

So after the whole “Joseline in New York without Stevie” situation (addressed below) I guess I’ll just continue to review this show as if I don’t know it’s completely fake.

Let’s go.


– *rolls eyes*

– Mimi is dumb and blind. And simple.  She’s really really simple.

– “Nikko may get on my nerves, but he’s been here through all this bullsh*t.” Unbelievable.  It’s unbelievable how dumb she is. OF COURSE he’s going to be there.  He’s HAPPY. ANNNND he’s trying to get you to do another one. Yeah, I peeped it when he said, “These people are mad. We need to make them madder.”

– Mimi is acting like she has the upper hand because Benzino is asking her to be on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly.  HIP HOP WEEKLY, guys….because she made a porn. And she said she’s “ecstatic” with nothing to apologize for.  Ok.

– BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! $10,000!?!?!?!?!?!?

– THIS. DUMB. BROAD. HERE. Y’all WHAT? Ha ha ha! She didn’t know that her picture can get used anyway! LMAO And this attitude of hers? No ma’am.

– Why did she even let Erica come over when she was dealing with this with her father (*cough* MONA *cough*)????


– Her song sounds cool.

-HOLD. THE. HELL. UP.  She’s PREGNANT!?  When she *can’t* take care of her first kid?

– She said she’s nervous because of how her husband may react. Tuh.  Like she got pregnant by herself. Ok.

– You tell your husband you’re pregnant and his first response is, “How that happen?” LOL  But after the shock wore off he was sweet.


– She’s still saying that she hasn’t seen Stevie since she left to go kick it with K. Michelle in New York




I guess when she posted this picture back in April, Mona hadn’t told her that she was supposed to be in a fight with Stevie J and not seeing him.


– One thing about Joseline is that she has kept me laughing…HARD…this entire season. Her little monologues have me DYING. “If you bring me back a disease you’re gonna be 6ft under and Imma be on First 48.” LOL

– Joseline is delusional. LOL. Really acting like she’s about to leave Stevie. Girl he is your manager, fake husband, AND drug dealer. You ain’t going nowhere, sis. And we ALLLL know it.


– Benzino is thinking business, which I get, but I’m happy to see that Stevie at least wasn’t comfortable with it.  He’s having an issue with “celebrating” Mimi and her new role as a porn star. And rightfully so.

– Oh Benzino moved forward without getting word back from Stevie? Whew.

– “You can choose your dress! Cause you’re going on this m**f** cover.” LMAOOOO!!! With his arm in that sling! LOLOLOL!! Whew!


– Okay guys.  I’m a cheesy romantic.  So the awkwardness of him giving Bambi the roses and cheesing and stuff…I love it.  I noticed that I’m sitting here with THE biggest grin on my face. LOL

– Was this a proposal? I’m confused. And is this show done in dog years? Everything happens so soon.

– Oh wait, so it’s NOT an engagement ring? What part of the game is this!?

– Promise ring.  How old is he again? I mean, if that’s what you want to do then cool, but you gotta do a whole different presentation. Like, you gotta say “I got you a promise ring” before you even bring it out. And it’s gotta be….smaller than that or something. Cause look….

Mama Dee

– UGH. THIS ish.

“Without my permission?” <— This, plus the contortions of her face and later reactions, is so very concerning.


– Self-destruction. Yes, Erica.  That’s exactly what’s happening with Mimi.

– I like Erica cause she’s straight to the point, and she’s honest.

“The Discussion”

Honestly, I maintain that I simply just couldn’t be Mimi’s friend anymore.  Her blatantly lying to me in my face would be the end of the line for me. That is not a sex tape.  The company didn’t take your sex tape and make it into that kind of a production. Insulting my intelligence with a lie is unacceptable.

Erica, Rasheeda, and Ariane made a GREAT point about Nikko as a man.  Mimi is saying that he’s “about the money,” at the expense of her as a woman…with a young child. Mimi does a porn and doesn’t expect to hear ANY negativity from her “friends.” Ok.

HOWEVER, Mimi DOES have a point.  And from here on out, if Ariane is going to stay friends with Mimi she needs to keep her mouth shut about who Mimi decides to be with.  That’s what I would do, anyway.  There would be ZERO discussions about her love life and decisions thereof.

No, Erica. You don’t “have” to trust her, when you KNOW she’s lying. That’s not friendship.

I guess we shall see how Mona capitalizes off of the death of Mimi’s dad next week.

Massive Fight While Filming LHHATL Reunion Show

Yesterday I mentioned how this huge fight between cast members was being reported by multiple sources.  Well TMZ, of course, has uncovered some of the details:

A huge brawl erupted during the taping of the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion show in NYC Tuesday night … leaving several cast members — and their weaves — injured.

Multiple sources on the set tell us the fight involved Benzino, his fiancee Althea, Stevie J, Joseline, Debra, Tammy, and Mimi — and the whole mess started when Benzino cracked a joke about Stevie J and Joseline doing drugs.

We’re told Stevie jumped up to get in Benzino’s grill, but security guards stopped him. That’s when –according to witnesses — Stevie’s girl Joseline sneak attacked Althea.

After that, all hell broke loose — weaves were torn out in the chaos — and every time security broke up one fight … a different one would spark up between other cast members.

We’re told most of the fighting was between the women — although at least one male security guard took a shot to the face … from one of the chicks.

From what we can tell the only smart decision all night was someone calling 911. Cops and paramedics responded — at least three people got treatment.

We know what you’re wondering, and the answer is — YES … we’re told VH1 cameras were rolling during most of the violence.

The seeds of ratchetness appear to have been sown Monday night … when a nude pic of Benzino and Althea was posted on Stevie J’s Twitter page.

LMAO @ “the seeds of ratchetness.”

Well, it looks like Baller Alert (via Instagram) has uncovered even more details.

Exclusive from TMZ – Smack talk about crack triggered the all-out brawl on the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” set … ending with a security guard getting a piece of flesh ripped off his body… and they say Joseline Hernandez is the culprit and they want her FIRED. Cast and crew who were present during the melee tell TMZ … Tuesday night’s fight started when Benzino called Stevie J a crackhead. Stevie J then charged Benzino, yelling “f*** you.” Stevie J’s GF Joseline then amped things up by attacking Benzino’s wife Althea, punching her in the face so hard everyone around heard a crack. Joseline then pulled out part of Althea’s weave. But Joseline’s handiwork wasn’t done … Joseline then made a beeline for Waka Flocka Flame’s wife, Tami — yanking out Tami’s pony tail weave. Waka’s mom Debra jumped in, punching Joseline in the head and ripping out her extensions. Security then booted Joseline from the set. On her way out she passed shower-rod queen Mimi Faust in the stairway … elbowing her in the back and shoving her down the stairs. The security guard tried to subdue Joseline, who then bit the guard, ripping off a piece of flesh. So now … a number of cast members are making a play to get producers to fire Joseline.

Yes.  Joseline needs to go. She is always coming at somebody physically. SMH. No ma’am. Goodbye.

Here’s yet another account of what happened:

Though she wasn’t there when it all went down, Claudia Jordan offered the inside scoop into the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion brawl while appearing on “Dish Nation.”

“I spoke to an insider, and they said that the fight was caused because Joseline and Stevie were complaining how hot it was and that’s when Benzino said, ‘Why don’t you lay off the coke?’ Then Joseline lunged at Althea [Heart] and punched her and she also got hit back in the mouth,” said Claudia.

Apparently, Mimi Faust and Tammy Rivera took the opportunity to release their frustrations on Joseline, as well.

“Deb [Antney] got into the fight. She tried to breakup the fight. Tammy snuck some punches in and then Joseline went at Mimi and tried to fight her as well,” said Claudia.

Though the two seem to be united against their co-stars, Claudia suggested that Joseline may have some dirt on Stevie that could ruin his reputation. Porsha Williams took a guess at what that might be.

“The only thing you could leak from a man that would be embarrassing—it couldn’t be sex pictures between them—it would have to be a man and man,” Porsha reasoned. “We’ve seen his junk and we know they’re about that porno life. We know that. The only other pictures you can leak from a man that would embarrass him—who claims that he’s straight—would be pictures with another man.”

{via Sister2Sister Magazine}

And as much as I enjoy getting my little ratchet tv in on Monday evenings, I think it’s time for this to end.  Yes, reality tv should be filled with drama and such, but the show itself is clearly being scripted.  Lies are being told.  People are  selling themselves out/short for the sake of LHHATL.  Violence. Drugs. Porn. It’s not getting better.  And most of the time I’m rolling my eyes at the show anyway.

I don’t know.  If things don’t change then it’s definitely time to wrap things up. At least toward the beginning things were kind of believable.  But now everybody is lying to us and there’s nothing worse than insulting my intelligence and really thinking I’m about to believe a blatant lie (HI, Mimi and No-No).

SMH. Let’s see how this all plays out when it airs.

Oh.  And Stevie getting all miffed when Benzino called him a crackhead?  Hit dogs holler, mayne.