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Scandal: “Gladiators Don’t Run” Review

1. We had a violence warning before this episode. I’m worried.

2. Oh look. Abby is FINALLY figuring stuff out. Cute.

3. “You’re not a Gladiator anymore.” – HUCK (to Abby). Yes sir. But ouch.

4. So apparently the President of the United States isn’t aware of our financial situation. K.

5. Oh, what happened, Andrew. You made a deal with a crook and it didn’t go smoothly!? You trusted these people and…well…it backfired? Oh.

6. Huck has billions of dollars. LMAO! He took the B613 money!


7. WAIT! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ian’s dead, y’all. Lawd.

Y’all. Liv JUST got her hair done. And now there’s blood all in it? That’s so unfair.

8. Oh what this dude (Gus?) WOULDN’T do?????? is touch me. NOPE. He’d have to just kill me. NOPE.

9. Oh sign the damn papers, Andrew. You’re done either way.

10. “Going to war for your side piece…” <— WELP.

Oh Andrew…BUT…


12. By the way. Does Andrew not understand that his only other option besides resignation is….death? And probably a tortuous one? He knows this, right?

13. Mama Pope not even trying to hear none of that ish, bruh. She wants some sun and some grass and she don’t care bout none of that other stuff.

14. “Oh Lizzy Bearrrrrrr!” <—- LMAO!

15. “You will, however, be my b*tch until the end of time.” <— My gawd!

16. Wait, Huck’s gotta kill everybody!? :-(((

17. By the way, is there something a little….different…about Mama Pope’s face?

So now, this happened^^^this is when Huck goes in….and now we’re on commercial…and now I’m a little worried…

18. “It’s over, honey.” <—- Mellie to Andrew.

“I still got you, Babe.” <—- Andrew to Mellie. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh wait. He’s threatening to tell everything about Mellie’s sex? Whew.

19. Guys. I think it’s clear that the only option is for Andrew to die.

20. Ummmm. HUCK.





In the room….everywhere. Blood…omg…

Okay. Um. Somebody gotta get Huck some help.

Breh. Huck went all the way mental on them.

21. Liv is spittin that talk.


22. WELP, Liv. Didn’t work. You misread his dreams.

23. “I don’t have to tell you a thing! You ain’t my woman!” – David to Abby, basically. *shrugs*

24, Abby said Olivia is her best friend?

25. WAIT. Did Mellie just say she wants to be POTUS???

26. Bish.


27. Oh, Father. They wanna kill Olivia. “Neutralize.” I can’t. I am not able.

28. Huck gotta get some help.


I need everybody to take a breath.

29. This speech about the soldiers? This is a weird transition or whatever. It doesn’t really fit?

30 – 50. BET THE WINNER IS PAPA POPE!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!



Scandal: “The Key” (S:4, E:5 Review)

In honor of episode 6 airing this evening, I figured I’d do this real quick.

Last week’s episode can be summed up (for me) right here:


I’m so serious. I physically rolled my eyes SO many times during this episode.  I’m not sure if i was going through something last week or what, but this episode annoyed me to no end.


I mean REALLY. Can we get to the point where this woman can be at least SOMEWHAT intelligent and have SOME type of gut feeling when it comes to her personal life? Her thirst for a daddy is REAL.  Which I understand, but that really shouldn’t continue to blind her to the FACT that her father is the damn devil.

WHYYYYYYY she continues to believe a single word that comes out of his mouth will always perplex me. I don’t get it.  I would listen to EVERYTHING he had to say and then immediately toss it out.  And letting him inside of my house? Ain’t no way. As she was sitting there talking about her man problems with Jake I wanted to just flip everything over and kick a hole through my wall.

What a simple, simple broad.


Over it. I mean really? What PRESIDENT acts like this.  His married azz is all butt-hurt over the fact that his mistress is getting it in with an appropriately single man?

I’m starting to realize he’s even dumber than I thought. Again, going off the word of Rowan?  Has he learned NOTHING!?  See? And this is why he has yet to win an election by his own merit. He’s dumb.


This woman is sick. Her response to her son’s murder?  Like, I tried to follow her with it. I really did. Tried to work it so that what she was saying didn’t repulse me (in a “this is fiction” kind of way). But nah. I can’t with her. Everything is about being in that White House and power with her. EVERYTHING.

But it looks like we’re about to magically get the old Mellie back.



I’m disappointed.  He fell for the okie doke. SMH.

Like, how could you not have seen that coming?  You mean to tell me you’ve been stalking this woman, and didn’t do so on the day you were to see your son…to see if he even came home after school or whatever?

Come on.


Again. Falling for Eli Pope and his bull. However, I guess it’s good that he let Liv in on what’s going on.


I honestly just want whatever tree trunk that’s shoved up her azz to be surgically removed. I’m fed up with her and her bitterness.

That’s it’s folks.  That’s what I’ve got for now. I guess Quinn can continue on living or whatever. Hopefully, tonight will go better. We shall see.




My thoughts on “Scandal” (so far).

So. I was questioned by a loyal reader as to why this hasn’t happened yet.  It was a simple, “So are we not doing reviews on “Scandal” or…” that was laced with a demand.  So here we are.

The reason I haven’t done them is because I have class on Thursdays, and since Shonda decided to give us THREE amazing shows back to back to back, I barely get the chance to watch Scandal until the weekend, if not a week later.  Seemed like it wasn’t something y’all wanted that much later. BUUUUUT I see I was wrong.

Here we go.

Four episodes have gone by (Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia (1), The State of the Union (2), Inside The Bubble (3) and Like Father, Like Daughter (4)). These are my general thoughts thus far.


The only thing I could focus on during the first show is the fact that EVERYBODY’S hair (except for Liv’s) was a HOT MESS. Abby, Cyrus, Fitz…it was ATROCIOUS! MY WORD.  Watching the fourth episode (last night!) all of this got better. Amen.

Speaking of hair, I know y’all saw that scene where Liv woke up from her sleep with her hair all in tact and not wrapped? Yeah. Fellas, don’t be fooled. Black women don’t sleep like that, okay?

liv and jake

That beach chair scene (yes, from episode 1 LOL)?? It had me clutch my pearls and cheer for sheer joy at the same dayum time. Here. For. It. Yes.

Now. By episode two (I think), Jake flipped the script on Liv.  I saw some people say he was being mean. And NOPE. He was being REAL. He still wanted her sex, but was emotionally detaching from her. And can you blame him? The man knows that all Fitz has to do is put up a distress signal and BOOM. She’s gonna be right on back to whoring it up.

So yeah. I don’t blame him.

The dinner with Daddy Pope tho? Whew. Bold.

One more thing.

“I’m the one you like to ride….” <— I don’t know why Liv doesn’t love this man or how he was able to get even one more syllable out of his mouth after this cuz….

liv and fitz

So I’ve said that I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the back and fourth. But in last week’s episode when Fitz asked her if he had failed as a man and was trying to undress her? Something inside of me was just like YASSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I couldn’t help myself.

I’m just not sure where else this could go. But now since Liv is about to find out Fitz has Jake…whew.


This child is getting on  my very last nerve. I mean really. You aren’t Liv.  Nor will you ever be.  You’re mad. Ok. But you gotta get over it, ma’am. You gotta let that hurt go. It’s making you look real silly. Like REALLY silly. Stop it. Even Cyrus had to read her. SMH

HOWEVER.  Her little talk with Mellie was THE BUSINESS.  I think that was one of my favorite parts of the show. I also liked how she tried to save Mellie from continuing to embarrass herself in that meeting. So yeah. I guess Abby has done some good.

Ummmm was anybody other than myself thinking that Fitz was about to try and sleep with Abby during a certain scene???

and speaking of mellie…



Like…I get it. What you’ve been through is a TRAGEDY. But what I NEEEEEEEED you to do is to get some intense therapy and to be able to FUNCTION.

Oh. But when she and Fitz were going back and fourth about their daughter? And Fitz read her for FILTH!?!?  My goodness. I was like DAYUM.

And he was right. He lost a child too, and had to deal with that, still be the president, AND deal with a wife who is falling apart daily.

Buuuuuuuuuut then Mellie hit him with, “Well I guess she takes after her daddy.” <— OOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m just wondering how long we’re gonna have to deal with Smelly Mellie.  *shrugs*

the devil

Cause that’s what he is.


I’m over him being alive and well. Like, how does he possibly manipulate EVERYBODY? How can this be?

And how is it possible for Fitz to be so stupid to get him to get the “truth” out of Tom? Like…what is going on?

But I guess the devil IS a master manipulator, huh?


Cyrus. Cyrus. Cyrus.

Silly silly silly delusional man.

I just REALLY hope that he knows what’s going on and has a trick (pun intended) up his sleeve. Cause….yeah.


Looks like he’s become what he’s despised in the past, huh? He’s not ready for this life, tho.


Still want her dead. She came in and was like, “nobody missed me?” MA’AM. NO. Nobody missed yo flip flopping azz. DEAL WITH IT.

But I guess she’s being of some use so I’m not opposed to her still having breath for now. Ugh.


We’re going to see him again.

This is my hunch.

I could me wrong.

I have zero supporting information.

But yes. I think he (Columbus Short) will be back.

*So. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot in here, but I wasn’t about to go through (almost) 4 hours worth of detailed info. LOL  Like I said, these are my general feelings so far. I’m just glad that I’m all caught up (for now)!

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