I’m all caught up on “Scandal,” and…I hate Olivia Pope.

And I mean that. I really do hate her. She is one of the worst broads on television right now.

Let me touch on some other things first. I had about five episodes to catch up on. This is something I wrote on Facebook after watching “Get Out Of Jail, Free” (the episode where Olivia asked Mellie to help her her dad out of jail).

Catching up on “Scandal,” and Mellie’s “if it weren’t for you” monologue is the EXACT reason why I encourage single women to get themselves together before marriage/kids.

There IS a blessing in singlehood. You have the opportunity to figure out where you want to be, and work toward it without any responsibility to anybody else.

But even if that’s not *your* situation, I’d still say to make sure you don’t get lost in *his* accomplishments, so much so that you completely neglect yourself. Compromise? Yes. Support? ABSOLUTELY. But if you have things (professionally/educationally) you’d like to pursue, try not to neglect that.

Growth can DEFINITELY be done while being a wife and a mother, but it’s also more challenging. Single ladies, don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting on a man. Work on you in ALL areas! If nothing else, it’ll serve as a great distraction. Lol

Okay. So let’s get back to Olivia Pope. Who I hate.

“A criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar.”

These are the words Olivia used on Edison previously (describing how it made her feel when he suggested she was sleeping with the president), and he fed the words right back to her (“You Got Served”). Told her that’s EXACTLY what she was. Look. Truer words have never been spoken about the character of Olivia Pope. She is, indeed, a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar.

She is a disgusting, manipulative, lying, indecisive, homewrecking (even though I don’t necessarily believe in this. The only way a home can be wrecked is if a spouse does the wrecking so….), sneaky, childish, manipulative (did I say that already) broad who doesn’t deserve the affection of any good man.


Olivia Pope ultimately got overwhelmed with what being the girlfriend of the POTUS entailed. And sometimes that happens in relationships. And I get it. But this is why I don’t see it for Olivia Pope.

  1. She knew EXACTLY what being his girlfriend meant. She’s worked for the White House. She’s been there for all of it. She knew.
  2. Even though she knew all of this, she decided to put the final nail in a lot of coffins by admitting that she was his girlfriend.

Everything was already worked out. Mellie and Fitz were gonna handle their shell of a marriage however they needed to. But no. Olivia ran, said nothing, and then decided to bust everything up.

And for what? Why? It wasn’t because she was ready to deal with it. She wasn’t. And she KNEW she wasn’t. So why?

All of her scheming. All of her lying. All of her manipulation. It’s just too much. She isn’t a decent person. I haven’t ever felt like this about her. I mean, the whole whore thing was bad enough (cause yes, that’s what she is), but I mean…eh. She was my moral release every week so I just shrugged my shoulders. But when it comes to messing with people and their hearts and emotions? Nah, Sis. Can’t. Won’t.

And the whole abortion scene? Give me a dayum break. You’re pregnant by a man who you’re in a loving (or so he thought) relationship with, and have been for YEARS (on and off, I know) and you don’t talk to him about this?



ALL I am saying is that (1) you’re in a relationship with this man. The LEAST she could’ve done was tell him what happened. because (2) IT’S GOING TO GET OUT ANYWAY!

(Sidenote: I saw a lot of people saying how this showed that women can have an abortion and “walk away” from it just fine. People PLEASE understand that this is still TV. There was A LOT they did not show about the before and after. Yes, I’m all for women deciding what they want to do with their bodies, but don’t think that last Thursday showed you the real deal. That’s all I’m saying.)

I am SO. GLAD. Jake wore her azz out, too. TWICE! I am SO. SICK. of her calling him to talk about how she’s feeling about whatever is going on with Fitz. It’s insensitive and childish. Find someone else to talk to. Did she even ask how that man was doing after his ex-wife had been killed? Is there a sincere bone in her body?

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who feels this way, but it just looks like the character of Olivia Pope has developed to be, well, one that is just not a decent person in general.


After the winter finale the announcement that the show wouldn’t be back until February 11th was made, and I felt NOTHING. Almost relief.

I will not miss it at all.

I’m over it.





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