CeeLo Green says rape really isn’t rape if you don’t remember it.

These celebrities and their f***** up beliefs and assertions, man.

As you all may know, CeeLo has recently plead “no contest” to some charges in where he slipped a woman ecstacy.

The woman claims she woke up next to CeeLo naked with no recollection of their night, but CeeLo’s lawyer says they had ‘consensual relations’.

No sex charges were filed due to a lack of evidence, and his no contest plea allowed him to maintain his innocence. He did get sentenced to three years of probation and 45 days of community service for furnishing ecstasy.

So you would think that after this one would just do what they have to do and then go on about living their lives, right? Well, I guess CeeLo felt like he had a bit more explaining to do.

He stated (on Twitter),

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously. People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Baffled. I’m seriously astonished at the level of ignorance here.

Here’s more (via Love b Scott):photo 2-35

“With implies consent”


I wasn’t aware that consent was something that could be “implied,” ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU’VE DRUGGED SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE.

Any woman who isn’t okay with possibly being raped by CeeLo Green should steer clear of him. I mean, MY GOD. This man has a daughter.

Oh. And by the way, after defending his position, all of these tweets have since been deleted.

I wonder why?

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