Charlamagne exposes Floyd Mayweather’s poor reading skills {audio}

So. Yesterday 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to…read.  And I mean, that was all ha ha or whatever, but then Charlamagne exposed Floyd Mayweather’s reading skills on The Breakfast Club this morning. He played some audio of Floyd Mayweather reading a drop for the show.



Look. I listened to this while I was driving this morning. Things almost didn’t turn out so well on the road with me cause I had REAL. TEARS.

People are saying that we shouldn’t laugh at Floyd Mayweather cause blah blah blah. Um EXCUSE ME!? Are we talking about the same Floyd Mayweather who put out his ex’s CONFIDENTIAL medical records just cause he felt like embarrassing her?  The same entitled, arrogant, woman beater? The one who ONLY cares about getting money and everybody else’s feelings be damned? You’re telling people to not laugh at THAT Floyd Mayweather? The person who is, in general, a terrible human being?  Tuh.

He spends his time talking down but the man can’t READ!? But I guess the comeback for that is that reading doesn’t matter when you have money, huh?

Oh. Ok.

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