The Charleston attack has brought about a level of insensitivity and stupidity that is unreal.

And I’m not just talking about the media, either.

Let me start by saying that this is probably gonna be all over the place, because that’s exactly where my brain is and my emotions are. Just everywhere.

From the very beginning of the situation, I’ve seen people rush to conclusions, REFUSING to wait for some facts (going in on the first guy who was detained w/out waiting to confirm that was the guy…IT WASN’T), turn this into something it’s not, and on and on and on.

And yes, these people include blacks. It came to a point where it seemed like some people were literally looking for ANYTHING to be mad about. No matter how inaccurate.  As if the act of domestic terrorism isn’t enough.

Somehow, this turned into a conversation about gun control.

Somehow, this turned into a conversation about drugs.

Somehow, this turned into a conversation about mental health.

Graham’s reaction to Wednesday’s attack on a black church in his home state of South Carolina was very different. (His niece, coincidentally, went to school with the shooter). Graham is adamant that the attack is not evidence of any larger problem.

Graham, who is on his way to Charleston, said his niece did not recall Roof making any statements that were related to race.

I just think he was one of these whacked out kids. I don’t think it’s anything broader than that,” Graham said. “It’s about a young man who is obviously twisted.”

{Think Progress}

(Not that Dylann Roof LITERALLY said he intended to start a race war, but I digress)

Somehow, this turned into a conversation against the police.

(And by the way guys, he WAS handcuffed. Ankles too. And the vest is standard procedure. Plus, if anybody were REALLY trying to kill him, that vest wouldn’t have stooped that. SO yeah. Cut it out.)

To the first three points, this isn’t a conversation about ANY of that. None of these things drove Dylann Roof to walk into a church and start shooting.

There is ONE thing that drove this. ONE.

Twitter (@ShaunKing via @ChrisLHayes)

Twitter (@ShaunKing via @ChrisLHayes)

Twitter (@ShaunKing via @ChrisLHayes)

White Supremacy. The hatred of blacks.

And I don’t care about this:

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Or this:

Or this.

(I mean, REALLY? What an idiot.)

Or whatever other “excuse” y’all try to put out there.

Nope. Don’t care.

ALL I care about, is this:

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via Twitter (@NAACP_LDF)

Finally, a couple of the most disturbing reactions I’ve seen is the attack on the Christian faith and how the families are handling their grief. Somehow, the word “forgiveness” has become a BAD thing, even by those who are saying they are Christians themselves.

I don’t understand.

Starting the night of the attack, people were calling for prayer. And the responses were absolutely horrible. I wrote this on Facebook:

I want people to stop criticizing believers who say “pray” in times like these. We are people of faith, prayer is part of our daily lives PERIOD. So yes, in times of trouble, we turn to the most high God.

HOWEVER, that DOES NOT MEAN, that we are saying to pray…and that’s it. Prayer and works go hand in hand. Pray and protest. Pray and resist. Pray and arm yourselves to protect yourselves against hate.

If you aren’t a believer…OKAY! That’s fine. But PLEASE stop criticizing those who are because we are using our faith in times of trouble…just like we are supposed to.

And yes, I 100% support people exercising their legal RIGHT to bear arms and protect themselves and their families. Y’ll better wake up.

(P.S. Gun ownership wouldn’t have helped those people in SC if their gun laws are like the ones here in Texas. It is illegal to have a concealed gun on the premises of a place of worship.)

Prayer doesn’t hurt ANYTHING. In fact, it can ONLY help. If you don’t believe in prayer, FINE. But how dare you speak ill of those who do?

And then stuff like this…


Well if you’re so bout it, then what are you “waiting” on bro? And this is to him and all of the rest of you who aren’t satisfied with the work that peaceful protesters are doing, but aren’t offering up any other solution or plan.

What are you waiting on? You want to get something violent started? You’re so big and bad? Well….make your move, right? Why sit behind a keyboard and tweet about it?



And then…

YES. Yes yes yes.

I said a long time ago that these faithless activists (etc) who talk down on those who ARE believers basically make it seem like there’s no room for us in the movement. But that’s another topic for another day.

Some of the family members said they forgive Dylann Roof. And again, the reactions were so disrespectful toward those family members.

Somehow, forgiveness has turned into a bad thing. There are Christians saying they REFUSE to forgive. Like, ever? Tell me, how does that work? Well actually, don’t. I’m good.


HOWEVER, I WILL say that I hate that I feel like they felt some type of pressure to publicly say they forgive him, as to seem like “good” people. Because that is honestly how I feel.

Emotionally surrendering.

Your family members were murdered Wednesday. By Friday there were public statements of forgiveness. Again, they are doing what they have been CALLED to do. But. Whew.


We (blacks, especially black Christians) aren’t allowed to experience and express anger. That’s a no no.

And that is terrible. And unfair. And very dangerous.

There is so much more I didn’t touch on in here. For example, the judge “reminding” us that the family members of Dylann Roof are victims as well. Or the National Rifle Association board member blaming the pastor, Sen. Clementa Pinckney, for his own death, plus the eight others.

It’s all too much.

And I’m exhausted. And sad. And feel defeated.

My bottom line is this.

1.  Attacking the Christian faith is unfair. If you aren’t a believer, that’s fine. But now is REALLY not the time. It just isn’t. That’s insensitive and unnecessary. Plus, it’s VERY clear that a lot of y’all don’t understand the faith anyway sooooo…

But MOST of all…

2. CALL THIS WHAT IT IS. An attack on black people, for NO other reason than they were black.

This was a hate crime.

This was racially motivated.

This was domestic terrorism.

And until we get people to say that there IS a growing race problem right here in the United States of America, that some whites DO hate blacks JUST for being black and act out on it, we will continue to see this.

That’s a fact.

This is worth the watch (if you haven’t seen it before).



Oh. And South Carolina, take down the confederate flag on your state capitol. Then maybe, JUST maybe, that’ll stop racists from feeling embraced and MORE than welcomed in your state.

There’s only so much we can take.


Sweet and docile,
Meek, humble and kind:
Beware the day
They change their mind!

In the cotton fields,
Gentle Breeze:
Beware the hour
It uproots trees!

 – Langston Hughes


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