Chris Brown Will Spend Easter in Jail


If he doesn’t learn his lesson from this experience….

TMZ reports:

Chris Brown is locked up for Easter — but he’ll still get to enjoy a delicious holiday meal … courtesy of the Virginia justice system.

TMZ spoke with the Northern Neck Regional Jail men exchanged words. Brown has denied hitting Adams.

Hollosy did not testify at his own trial, which began Thursday and ended Friday, but he is expected to testify at Brown’s and say that he, not Brown, hit Adams.

– where Chris is being held until his Washington D.C. assault trial begins on Monday — and it sounds like he’ll be having a mostly traditional holiday:

—  Turkey Ham (no pork out of respect for Islamic inmates)

—  Yams

—  Cabbage

—  Bread Pudding

—  Cookies

We’re told bible study and ministers will be available for anyone who wants that kinda thing. Unclear if Chris will partake — but a little prayer couldn’t hurt before the trial.

Just sayin’.

First things first. What’s “turkey ham?” 🙁 Sounds awful?

His trial for that little assault situation in Washington D.C.  is set to start on Monday, where, if convicted, he can face more jail time. However, his bodyguard (who just wrapped up his own trial for the same situation) is expected to testify that he was the one who assaulted (punched) the victim and no Chris Brown.

I am sad for him.  Mainly because I know he is suffering from a disorder and isn’t receiving the help that he needs. I hope he is able to get it back together on a personal level. I’m not so sure about his career. Which is unfortunate because I think he could’ve done some major things. I also hope he keeps black hair.  That blonde hair gets him in trouble.

Hopefully he’ll go to a REAL rehab facility, or at the very least go through some long-term counseling.

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