Customer Service.

There is a SERIOUS lack of customer service.  To the point where I almost don’t want anybody to talk to me at all.  That would probably be better.  It’s gotten to be such a frequent occurrence until I’m starting to wonder if it’s me.  Now, being truthful, I will say that there are days when I’m simply not feeling people in general.  There have been a couple of times when I’ve gone out to run errands, and got pissed off almost everywhere I went.  After seeing that this happened at three different locations in one day, I just figure it isn’t my day to interact with humans and decide to just go home. This has only happened to me like once or twice so far this year though so it’s not that often.

So what I decided to do was to write about it (duh), because I’m honestly wondering if it’s me.  Are my expectations too high?  You can catch one of my AWFUL customer service experiences here —> “Guadalajara del centro Houston Review: Do NOT charge me extra for cheese, bro.” That was so bad.

Anyway, here are my recent experiences.  I’ll also give my expectations so you can tell me if I’m crazy or if I’m asking/expecting too much.

Situation 1

I went to Sally Beauty Supply (6915 FM 1960 WEST STE B, HOUSTON, TX 77069)  one Wednesday evening.  When I walked in the store I heard, “We close in 8 minutes.” I didn’t even pay it any mind because I just KNEW it wasn’t being said to me. I just knew it. But when I realized there was a pause after it was said, and nobody said anything else, I looked over at the cash register and the guy behind the counter was looking directly at me. In my head I said, “Wow.” Out loud I said, “Okay.”

I was there only to grab a hair dryer attachment (and something else I forgot about) so I grabbed that, asked someone sweeping in the back a question (while hearing him greet another customer by saying, “We close in 7 minutes.” Unbelievable)., and went to the cash register.  While I was waiting to be helped, an older gentleman was checking out and asked the guy behind the counter, “Was I fast enough?”  He (the customer) wasn’t smiling. I said, “I know, right?” By this time there was a woman behind the counter about to check me out.  The guy behind the counter said, “Well…we have to close.”  And then the woman who was about to help me said, “I have a two year old at home and…*blah blah.*” He chimed back in and said, “Well I don’t have a two year old, but I mean *blah blah blah.*”  I said nothing. Just wanted to get out as soon as possible.

So I left.  And I was really going to let it go.  Until I got home and realized I forgot to get something.  I went back up to the store the next day, and while I was getting my item I asked if I could speak with the manager.  I was told the manager wasn’t there but the assistant manager was.  Well it turns out that the assistant manager was the one who was in the back sweeping the evening before.  So at this point I was like, WELP.  I realized there was no point in complaining.  An assistant manager was there and clearly they felt comfortable carrying out that way in front of her.  I understood now.  So again, I just grabbed my stuff, paid for it, and went on my way.

My expectations for situation 1

People want to go home. I. GET. IT.  TRUUUUUUUST me I get it.  I’m ready to go when it’s time for me to go as well. And I also understand getting annoyed when last minute customers come in (I honestly didn’t know they closed at 8). I get it. BUT.  Seeing as though it still IS during store hours, and you ARE open, and I AM spending money there, I just think there was a better way of handling this.  I don’t even mind letting me know that you are about to close.

My expectation is that I was greeted with something like, “Hello, welcome to Sally’s.  Just to let you know, we’ll be closing in 8 minutes. Let me know if we can help you with anything.”  Even leaving off that last part would’ve been fine.  But. Yeah.  That would’ve been a MUCH better way to greet your customers.  At least that’s how I feel.

Situation 2

So my family had me up in Black-eyed Pea (10999 Northwest Freeway, Houston TX, 77092) today after church.  Which is fine, cause I actually like their food.  And it’s where my great aunt wanted to go so, that’s that.

Anyway, our waiter brought out the rolls and cornbread without plates.  My mom asked him if he could bring us out some plates. His response was, “I’m just waiting for them to get out of the dishwasher and then I’ll get them to you.” Turns out only two of us got bread plates.  My mom and I got coffee saucers. SMH

The rolls he brought out were kind of burnt.  So my aunt asked him if it was possible that we could get some that weren’t quite so dark. His response was, “Well I’ll see what I can do I mean they cook them back there so I can only get what they have. But I’ll see what I can do.”  All of us were speechless (my aunt told him thank you).

Next, I ordered my food.  Told him exactly what I wanted on my baked potato, and I ordered a side salad with my meal.  My meal came out.  Baked potato was wrong (but I ate it because it wasn’t anything on there that I just hated), and I never got my salad.  So when he came back around I said, “You can just take the salad off of my ticket.” He said, “Okay.”  I paused, looked at him, then said, “Since … I never got it…” He again said, “Okay.”

In that same moment I asked for some hot sauce.  He brought me a brand new bottle, with the wrapper still on.  I said, “thank you.” My aunt looked at me and said, “Am I missing something, here?”  I told her if she was then I was too…..

We asked someone for some extra napkins and it turned out that she was the hostess.  She stood there and said, “I may have to tell Edwin to do it. I’m not…well…let me see, I’ll try to do it.  Well, yes, I’ll get them for you.”  Again, we were like…”huh”?

My expectations for situation 2

We ask for bread plates, he says, “Yes, I’ll bring them right out.” Period.

We ask for rolls that aren’t burnt, he says, “Sorry about that, I’ll get you some more.”

I tell him nevermind about something that I wanted, but never got, he says, “I apologize, I can still get it for you if you’d like…”

We ask for extra napkins, she says, “Sure, I’ll let your waiter know.”

I was thinking about speaking with the manager, but again I was just like, I wanna be out of here. I just wanna finish my meal, pay, and go. It was really crazy because while I don’t go there often, my mom and great aunt do.  They said they’ve never experienced service like that (and neither had I the times I went). There was another waitress that came and actually brought us our food and she was soooo pleasant and nice.  I know his responses may not seem that bad but his attitude with it made for a pretty…umm…interesting…experience.  Also, the table next to us was complaining about their waitress. Her response was less than okay as well. At one point I heard her tell them, “I have no idea.” Just….huh?

Neither one of these situations are earth shattering, but at the same time, it shows that there is a lack of customer service training (in my opinion).  Don’t get me started on my experiences in Walmart.  I’m like, if you don’t want to be here, just…don’t take it out on the people that don’t have anything to do with it, you know?

Anyway, what do you all think? Am I expecting too much?  Have you had similar experiences? Worse? Talk to me!


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