Darren Wilson’s “Thank You” Letter


I would like to thank you all for standing up for me during this stressful time. Your support and dedication is amazing and it is still hard to believe that all of these people that I have never met are doing so much for me. I watched the CNN video we recorded at the rally on Saturday and it brought tears to my eyes.

All of you are simply amazing, and I don’t know how to thank you all enough. I wish I could attend meet you, hug you, and personally thank you for all of your continued support, however, due to my and my families safety I am unable to. Please don’t give this letter to any media or post it where they can see it. Relay the message of thanks to all and keep this letter private until the investigation is complete.

I want you all to know that I do get updates on the amount of support. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see all of the comments made through social media, but overall messages are relayed to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and know that I would do the same for any of you.

Also please keep my family in blue in your hearts and prayers, they have all made a sacrifice to their own lives in order to work the excessive hours through the heat and rain to ensure that the riots and protests in Ferguson were as safe as they could be.

Thank you,

P.O. Darren Wilson


ZERO remorse for taking the life of another human being…even though he was (unjustly) found to not need to face any kind of legal consequence.

Standing up for him during this “stressful” time? A time when all of your racist friends from around the country have literally raised half of a million dollars for you?

A time when your “family in blue” have protected you SINCE. DAY. ONE. and got out you of dodge, protected you, and CONTINUED TO PAY YOU?

And “please don’t give this letter to any media or post it where they can see it”???? HA! You aren’t fooling anybody, sir.

Disgusting.  That is all that I can say.  Not even a single word of condolence for Mike Brown’s family.  YOU KILLED THEIR UNARMED SON!? Not a single condemnation for some of the racists comments/actions/thoughts that come from his “supporters,” which includes the Ku Klux Klan, might I add.

Just go ahead and give him his commemorative hood. He’s earned it, yes?

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