Dear God, Why roaches?

Dear God,

I believe in your sovereignty and that everything you made, looked at, and then said “it is good,” has a purpose.

And I do believe in Your divine purpose, Lord.

But God, why roaches?


They do nothing but terrorize people.

And it’s not that I’m saying You’ve made a mistake or whatever, but I am coming to You as Your child on bended knee (sort of) ¬†asking You to PLEASE reconsider. You are the Lord our God, almighty and powerful and I acknowledge that You can do ANYTHING.

Including wiping the earth of roaches (I mean, you can just do it for Houston, Texas and I’ll be good).

I’ve often questioned if You’ve put roaches in my path in order to bring me closer to You. I mean, two years ago when you sent The Plague of Roaches into my spot for those few weeks it DID bring me closer to You, as I petitioned You to cover my bathroom since that’s where they liked to make their entrance. So that happened. I prayed over my bathroom and BEGGED You to PLEASE not send a single one of these awful creatures to bother me.

And you did.

You don’t love me?

Cause one of those 4 times a roach made it into my spot was on a Sunday morning. I WAS TRYING TO COME AND SEE YOU.


Lord? There are other ways. Ways that don’t include me almost dying. And God, you know you were TOTALLY wrong for letting that roach be up in my black pants that were air drying in the bathroom….just for me to try and put them on and it fall out on the carpet IN. MY. BEDROOM.


I mean, did You want me to come and be with You permanently!? Cause that’s what almost happened.

But in it all, I thank You for the exterminator. There is a praise in my pain.

Cause he saved my life. Two years. Two glorious years without incident.

Until May 16, 2015.

Now God. REALLY?

We were preparing for Women’s Day at my church and one of the selections was going to be “Stir Up The Gift,” and the lyrics say that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER!

Well, Lord God, I sang these lyrics as I came down from my panic attack and found my handy dandy can of Raid (thank You for this) and did what I had to do. I didn’t even have to call my father to come over like I had to do two years ago at 2:00am (by the way…if you could send me a boyfriend to help with these things it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll even take a loyal bae who likes me real hard. Whatever.)

So I dealt with it through my tears and sporadic screaming fits. And then called the exterminator. Also, Lord can you PLEASE make people listen? I told the exterminator that I’m dealing with a serious situation but he came and played with these roaches cause another one showed up after he “exterminated”!?


Lord! Thank you for the gift of Home Defense!


So far, so good. You’re working it out. Just like You said You would. And I believe Your word, Lord.

But still..I just have to ask…

Why roaches? (And also, do we really need trees? Like, really? Cause that’s where bugs like to hand out, You know?)

They do nothing. I mean seriously, God. I beg of thee to reconsider.

Okay. That is all.

I love you. Like, a whole lot.

Your sweet child who is trying to deal,


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