Dear Valentine’s Day Hater’s Club…

Dear People Who Hate on People Who Celebrate Valentine’s Day,

I say this with the utmost respect and class.


Seriously.  Y’all don’t get tired of this year after year?  I’ve been seeing “Valentine’s Day is a scam” and “Is the relationship based on one day” statuses and tweets since last week.  STOP IT!  If you and your significant other CHOOSE not to acknowledge the day. FINE.  But putting all this judgment and assumptions on people who do choose to acknowledge it?  It’s really kinda stupid.

Only in my humble opinion though.

Personally, I believe in it.  No, my entire situation isn’t based on ONE day, but why not get Bae (lol) a card?  Why not go out to eat and spend MORE time together?  And a movie? Or just plan a night in? Why not? Why not get your lady some flowers? Of course you could do this on any other day of the week…  But why not on Valentine’s Day?  On purpose?

I simply don’t understand it.  If I’m with a guy who REFUSES to do ANYTHING (even something simple) to acknowledge the day…then I’ll be salty.  Yes.  I would.  Why? Because it’s something that makes me happy (I’m all lovey dovey and such).  And if he can’t do something as simply as get me a card or flowers or just take me out ONLY because he knows it’ll make me happy, then yeah.  It’s an issue.  I mean it’s not asking for too much.  And vice versa.  I think I should do the same.  If I know something makes *him* happy, then I should do that, especially if it’s something simple and doesn’t go against my religious and moral beliefs or whatever.  Goodness.  Some of you men (cause that’s honestly who I’ve seen putting up these anti-v-day sentiments) act like a woman is asking you to sacrifice your first born. Relax.

If you’re just SOOOOOOO opposed to using a day as an excuse to show *extra* affection (even though your level of affection, etc. is just fine with your s.o. already) then cool. DON’T. DO. IT. But excuse me as I get my life on Valentine’s Day (weekend!?).  And I SHOULD be able to do so without the Hater’s Club giving all kinds of side-eyes and shade.

Oh well.  Again, all just in my humble opinion.

Peace (and love 🙂 ).

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