DeSean Jackson Robbed

According to NBC Sports:

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has at least 375,000 reasons to want a new contract.

According to FOX 29 in Philly, burglars struck at Jackson’s home in South Philadelphia, removing $250,000 in cash, $125,000 in jewelry, and two semi-automatic handguns.

There were no signed of forced entry, but two safes were broken into — and a third safe was stolen.  (Apparently, it was a Kitnerboy Redoubt.)

Per the report, Jackson’s mother told police that his friends have access to the house when Jackson is home, but that Jackson keeps the second floor of the house locked.

Also, neighbors reportedly said that “a lot of people come and go” from the residence.

Gots to be careful of the people you let in and out your home, I guess.  Especially with that much in cash, etc. around.

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