Erica Campbell (MaryMary) previews her new trappin for Jesus single, “I Luh God.”

First, Tina is shooting up her husband’s car and now THIS!

I only WISH I were kidding.

Mary Mary is going through some things, huh?

I first saw it on Instagram when two readers was like, “WHAT SAY YOU!?!?!”



Mary Mary’s #EricaCampbell dropped her new trap gospel song #iLuhGod. Do you love it?

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I… I just…


Still hoping this was just a little thing she did at the spur of the moment, I went to the interwebs for clarification and…



Now. Let me say this. I think Jesus reaches people in MANY different ways. There are some forms of gospel music I’m not a fan of, but if it speaks to people and brings them to Christ? Then by all means, ya know?

Buuuut this right here?  This is REALLYYYYYYYY close to that whole Romans 12:2 thing (go look it up, people!).

We…don’t have to do this.

We just don’t.


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