I’m walking in the favor of God
His grace and mercy has brought me this far
I will believe, all His word says about me
Lack and poverty
Is not my destiny
Cause I’m walking
I’m living
I’m walking in the favor of God

This is one of my favorite gospel songs, and it came on the radio this morning.  It always speaks to me, but even more so this morning for various reasons.

I’m writing this because I’m taking the chance that there’s somebody out there who needs to be reminded that you ARE a child of God and the FACT of the matter is that you have His favor.  You know the saying, “favor ain’t fair?”  That’s because it isn’t.  There is absolutely nothing that we could do to earn the favor of God.  He’s just that good.

If you’re in a season of trials, uncertainty, depression, sadness, etc., I encourage you to stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and give Him a praise for working it out on your behalf.  Even when we think He has left us, even when we have NO idea what is going on or what’s going to happen, we can rest in the facts.

– We serve an OMNIPOTENT God! Fact.

– We serve an OMNIPRESENT God! Fact.

– He promised to NEVER leave us alone, and God is NOT a man that He should lie! Fact.

– God calls us HIGHLY FAVORED! Fact.

– God gives us peace that surpasses ALL understanding! Fact.

– His ways are not our ways! Fact.

– We serve a God of INCREASE! Fact.

– He IS Jehovah Jireh (provider)! Jehovah Rapha (healer)! Jehovah Nissi (a God of warfare! Victorious!)! Jehovah Raah (shepherd)!  Jehovah Tsidkenu (righteous)! Fact.

– ^^and STILL much much more! Fact.

– We have been chosen, saved, and set apart from this world by the blood of Jesus Christ! FACT.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

I encourage you right now to believe in your favor from God.  Walk in it, rest in it, and go ahead and give Him a praise for it.  We have been COMMANDED to give Him praise in ALL situations.  Praise Him for what you can’t see! Give Him an IN ADVANCE praise! My charge to all of us is that the harder it gets, the harder we praise.  I declare that the enemy WILL NOT get the victory over our situations!  He has ALREADY been defeated!  We serve a victorious God!

There are some names that are already on my heart that I am calling out to God, and if you would like for me to call yours out just let me know.  I will be more than happy to join you in prayer over whatever situation you are wrestling with.

“I pray for you, you pray for me….and WATCH God change things!”


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