“Flesh and Blood” – Scandal (Review)

Scandal just…ugh…nevermind. Here we go.

1. “You mean sacrifice SLEEPING WITH ME so you could hack into my phone!?” <— DAMN (I literally just said that out loud)!!!! WHEW! Jake!!!! WHEW!!! OH WAIT! The entire office heard that!? “All it took was a quick tug on a zipper.”  WELP!  That was read number one for Liv on this episode. MY WORD!

2. Did they just try to make Quinn sexy?


3. “You think he’s your dad, but that’s just a part he’s playing, a costume he puts on.”  Welp. Jake -2 , Liv – 0 It’s not even 10 minutes into the show yet!?

4. Mellie is FED. UP. do you hear me!? FED UP! HAAAAA!!!!!!  Oh wait.  She’s….drunk?

5. Mama Pope is a G.  She totally just interrupted a terrorist during his “America will bleed” speech.

6. “I miss you.  I don’t want you sleeping with Jake it makes me crazy.”  Excuse me a second, guys:

WHEW! He is soooo funny! BYE, FITZ!

7. LOOK AT HUCK!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! While Quinn and dude are out here playing games Huck was handling business.

8. OMG! Is this the president’s son this chick is…whew!

9. OHHHH SHAT! It’s about to come out.

10. “IT IS MY TURN! He suffers.  He burns.  He hurts.”  Hell hath no fury, y’all.  Hell hath no fury.

11.  Welp. Mellie just told it.

12. You know what? Liv is delusional.  Her dad is a monster.  One of satan’s (Mama Pope)  minions. So why is she all emotional and such over him blowing someone’s brains out in her office? I mean, come on, Liv.  This is what you invited in. SMH

13. So Jerry really is Fitz’s brother. Whew!

14. Wait. I thought Jake was done with Liv? So why is he picking up the phone? I can’t.

15. “When I was a little girl…”

If I was Jake I would’ve been like “NOAP! BYE!”

16. Why is Liv even talking to her dad about this? What does she expect?

17. Seriously. This Quinn and Huck thing makes me want to throw up. This is sick.  And not in a good way.

18. Oh. So I guess Mama Pope cares (or something) about Liv?

19. OMG!!!!!!! Daddy Pope!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? (nevermind to number 18)

20. Look at Cyrus not telling anybody about the bomb. Bruh. Cyrus is walking down these hallways SMILING.  That is so sick.

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S OVER!?!?! But…but….NO.  Ugh.  I can’t believe this.  It’s over?  Wait. Was that Andrew in the church!? LAWD IS ANDREW GONNA DIE!? Daddy Pope!?  Did Mellie find out?  Is she gonna tell Fitz?



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