Gay Is The New Black?

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I hear allot of people Saying Gay is the New Black. They are Comparing the Homosexuals struggle for social acceptance with Black People struggle for freedom through Civil rights movement. The problem with this is that if Black people are still oppressed and not free there is no need for a new Black. The Old Black Has not been Changed. Another problem is that a Gay person Can Hide there sexuality but a Black Person can not hide there Race. Also a white Homosexual will always have a White Privilege in this society that a Black Homosexual will not have through the Perpetuation of a white Supremacist Society. Some White Homosexual are still Racist, so solving the Gay right Problem do not correct the Old continuing White Racism Problem. A Gay Liberated World will Not necessarily be a Black Liberated World. Also societies where accepting of Homosexuality were some of the Most Black God hating Societies such as the Greek and Romans who tried there Best to erase Black Egypt/Kemet. A a Gay accepting society does not Guaranteed a society based on Human Right, Love Of Black people, or Human social Equality. All Blacks Will have to destroy this White Supremacist system Gay or Strait for any type of true freedom to be achieved in this society.

I was asked my thoughts on this.  And I agree with this statement.  I think that it is inappropriate to compare the black struggle with that of the LGBT community.

“A Gay Liberated World will Not necessarily be a Black Liberated World.” <—- This ultimately is my reason.

Now.  To be fair, I haven’t heard this position (gay is the new black) asserted by the LGBT community in excess.  I’ve hear it here or there, but I don’t think it’s a popular “talking point” or anything like that (I could be wrong).

Does the LGBT community suffer discrimination and hate?  Absolutely.  Are there members of the LGBT community who are killed, attacked, and mistreated simply for identifying with being LGBT?  Absolutely.  That is very real.  This is in no way, shape, form, or fashion denying that there are issues. So yes, I can see how there are some parts that are comparable.  But the black struggle is a completely different beast.

I’m not going to go too deep into the differences or why this or why that.  Mainly because I take no pleasure in comparing tragedies and deciding who has it worse.

Different perspectives?

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