God will meet you where you are.

On Christmas day, this commercial came on:

Toward the end of the commercial, one of my older cousins said, “Why are they playing THAT song in THAT kind of commercial!?” In case you aren’t aware, the song is “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” which is a gospel hymn.

My immediate response to her was, “God can meet you ANYWHERE!” And my other cousin, who was next to me, said, “Okay? Cause if he HADN’T been in those bars with me or in that car with me on some nights….”

Man LOOK.  I can tell you that I have a testimony…but that’s for another post at a (much) later date.

I read a story from someone who was talking about her father.  When he was younger (I think she said in his 40s or something), he went on his roof and got high off of acid (or something of the sort, PCP maybe). He was up there for 3 days.  And that is where God met him.  He’s been a preacher of the gospel of Christ ever since.

I think, at times, when trying to spread the gospel and when trying to facilitate a relationship between nonbelievers and Christ, we (Christians) tend to make it seem like people have to automatically become this perfect person in order to have said relationship.  And that just isn’t true. Personally, I believe growing in the faith is just that. GROWING.  It is a process. And most times when people try to suddenly change everything about their being to try to be the “perfect Christian,” they end up getting worn out anyway (I’ve watched this happen with a new believer on my Twitter timeline).

Being a Christian doesn’t mean being perfect. It just doesn’t.  It means that you have given your life to Christ and have confessed with your heart and your mouth that He is your savior. Is the goal to glorify Him with your life? Absolutely. Will you fail at times? Absolutely. Does that mean He loves you any less? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Being a Christian means understanding (as much as our human selves will allow us) His grace and His mercy (which, to be honest, really can’t be understood anyway….). Sometimes, we are harder on each other than God is! God is not an almighty punisher sitting up on high waiting to throw down the harshest punishment to those who disobey (and this is something I’m still reconciling within myself to this day). No. He loves us.  He’s patient with us. He knows us. And He’s always there…no matter our condition.  Even when we can’t see Him or feel Him. He’s there. More than likely just waiting on us.

Basically, the point I am making is that if you feel like you’re too messed up to have a relationship with God or to work on strengthening your relationship with Him, you couldn’t be further from the truth.  

God doesn’t ONLY reside in the church building.  He’s wherever He needs to be in order to be what He needs to be in your life.

My 2015 message to you all is to open your hearts and lives to Christ. No, don’t strive to be perfect. But if you would just strive to foster a personal and loving relationship with Him, and let Him guide you, then everything else will fall into place. It doesn’t ALL have to happen at one time. Step by step. And He’ll be right there with you.

You are not too sinful for God.

You are not too messed up for God.

You are not too damaged for God.

You are not too old to start a relationship with God.

There is NOTHING too wrong with you where God cannot use you for His glory.

And (again) even though some Christians may make it seem differently, God doesn’t ONLY dwell in church.

He WILL meet you, and love you UNCONDITIONALLY, right where you are.

Happy New Year from TashaSays, and may you have a year full of family, friends, faith, love, and prosperity in ALL areas of your life!

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