So This Happened: Nick Cannon vs. Cam’ron

Not really a “beef,” more like turkey meat.  But funny nonetheless.

So Cam’rom started it off by posting this on Instagram.

And while we’re here, let’s discuss this.  I don’t think we ever talked about this foolery.  He’s too old for this man.  He’s too old.  I’m with Cam.  We need to have a meeting.

Anyway, Nick Cannon decided to respond with this (I’m sure y’all know what’s coming):

Yeah, Cam. I still don’t condone this.

Buuuuuuut then Cam came back with:

I’m just like:

Nick Cannon hasn’t said anything since.  Cam’ron went STRAIGHT for the jugular with this one.  Y’all know there was a rumor at one point that Mariah Carey and Cam’ron were dating, right?  Yeah, Nick.  Gots to be more careful.

{All Hip Hop}

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