Hazing Files: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated


I don’t get it. I just don’t understand it.  Y’all haven’t learned these kids (and their parents) aren’t having it?

A University of Tennessee fraternity has been suspended after students admitted to hazing.

Student life officials launched an investigation into the UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha after receiving a complaint from a concerned parent.

UT documents show the hazing involved paddling and pouring hot sauce on the pledge’s genitals.

DOCUMENTS: Official UT notice of charges

UT officials say the fraternity wasn’t supposed to be admitting any more members, but a dozen students were trying to gain entry. Ten students denied the hazing, but two admitted it after initially denying it.

UT officials revoked the fraternity’s registration until August 2016, which means it’s no longer considered a campus organization.

The fraternity didn’t have a house on campus. Current membership included fewer than 10 people.

{via WBIR}

Now.  I’m concerned.

Because, while I know there are some necessities of hazing (DISCLAIMER: ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INCORPORATED IS A NON HAZING ORGANIZATION), there are just some things I don’t see the point of.

Where is the brotherhood in men pouring hot sauce on other men’s genitals?  Why are y’all even that close?  That familiar?  Why are you looking at another man’s genitals close enough to aim and get hot sauce on them? Why?  Am I missing something?  Is this normal practice and maybe we’re just now finding out about it?

I’m wondering why all the reports tho? Because trust me, I know some of these things aren’t anything new. Is it that the parents aren’t Greek and aren’t used to what goes on?  Or maybe they are but didn’t have a process (SEE DISCLAIMER)? Did the students not know what to expect when they signed up?  DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO SIT THERE AND LET A MAN POUR HOT SAUCE ON YOUR GENITALS?

Your chapter has less than 10 people and you’re  doing the most.

See y’all in 2016 mayne.

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