New Hepatitis C cure costs $1 to make per pill. Pharm company charges $1,000.

This morning on Morning Joe, one of the panelists, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (Director of The Earth Institute), addressed the debt, and the candidates’ plans to deal with it. He mentioned Donald Trump’s plan isn’t a plan at all, while Hillary Clinton’s plan only scratches the surface.

But the biggest piece of information came when Dr. Sachs mentioned that the federal government isn’t allowed to negotiate the price of drugs.

The example he gave was a new drug that cures Hepatitis C.


Hepatitis C, which KILLS.

The cost to make this drug is $1 per pill. The company that purchased the patent, Gilead Sciences, charges $1,000 per pill. Again, this company DID NOT make the drug, they PURCHASED the patent.

$1 to make, but charges $1,000.

And the federal government can’t do a thing about it.

Medicare is the federal government.

What would normally cost around $100, now costs $85,000 for the basic cure, $95,000 with the added medicines.

Veterans are being turned away (around the 8:20 mark in the video below) because they are being told they are not sick enough with Hepatitis C to afford paying for the cure.

Dr. Sachs goes on to say that they (Gilead Sciences) are making about $15 billion (!?!?!?!?) in profit, PAID FOR BY THE GOVERNMENT, but these profits are in Ireland….TAX. FREE.

Joe Scarborough suggests we call 202-224-3121, the U.S. Capitol switchboard, to demand our congressmen/women, senators, etc. to allow the federal government to allow negotiations with big pharma.

This entire segment is worth watching, but you can get the gist of it within the first 3-5 minutes.


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