Iggy Azalea reveals why she ended engagement to Nick Young

Iggy Azalea addressed the reason(s) for ending her relationship with Nick Young, among other rumors…

Some people initially speculated the breakup was due to the whole D’Angelo Russell video leak of Nick saying he cheats on Iggy situation. Turns out, that’s not it at all. She SAW him cheat on her.

I’ve seen some people tweet things like “Oh, so NOW y’all are team Iggy?”

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While we may not appreciate her music, this is SO messed up. She doesn’t deserve this.

Breakups are hard enough. I cannot imagine having to deal with it publicly. While *I* wouldn’t be posting about all of this right now, maybe she’s doing what she needs to do. The media runs rampant with rumors, so I understand her wanting to address that.

I hope she heals and eventually finds someone who will love and respect her.


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