Watch what happens when Iggy Azalea is asked to freestyle (by Sway)…

Oh, Iggy Azalea.

Mind you, this happened last year. But still (it starts around the 1:17 mark):

FIRST of all, “I cannot give you a hot 16 to this hood a** beat!”




And did y’all see how she stared TI down hoping that he would save her?? All of this happened within 20 seconds! LOLOLOL

Now, Iggy tweeted this (in defense of Q-Tip educating her on hip hop history):

OHHHH BUT MA’AM.  You aren’t looking like you’ve learned “every and anything” about hip hop when you are shocked when a dj/interviewer throws on a beat for you to hit a freestyle. And you most certainly don’t look like you’re very knowledgeable when you say you can’t freestyle cause the beat is too….”hood”….


And then Sway killed me when he said he would hold her cup for her…a cup that she was also looking to save her. HAAAAAA!!!!

In the meantime, TI is in the background pacing like a nervous mother whose child is getting ready to perform and knows they aren’t prepared. Lawd. I cannot. This is all too much!

And then at the 2:22 mark, Iggy gives us her freestyle…which is actually this:

“New Bitch”

[Verse 1]
He got a house that’s too big
Sits on a hill in the valley
Said he trying to move on with life but he still wanna be a good daddy
So I sit in the ride cause I don’t want us overlapping
Spendin’ money on Mac, that’s cute, I get checks from them in Paris
Better check my tax bracket
What you think was gonna happen
Naggin’, now he’s had it
And y’all fell off like Mad Men
These exes excessively hatin’ on the next bitch
She’s no housewife, just desperate
I know it’s hard to let go but accept it[Pre-hook]
Cause the whole world is watchin’
And the paparazzi is flockin’
Cause we fly shit when we drop in
And we shut down your party
‘His’ and ‘her’ gold chains
Gold watches, everything
His old girl, she gon’ hate
They gon’ have something to say[Hook]
When I hop out his new six
Fresh in some new shit
“Damn, she is too thick, who is this?”
Yeah I’m his new bitch
I’m his new bitch
Yes. Her freestyle is. already. one. of. her. songs. AND SHE MESSES UP THE WORDS (But. Maybe she was nervous or whatever?)!?!?!?!?!?
I know TI was wishing he had a Southwest Airline plane right then and there!
HAAAAAAA!!! You can’t make this stuff up, man.
Here are a few comments from YouTube:
See, THIS is why people don’t like Igloo Australia. Not because she is white, but because her act is inauthentic. White people can and do succeed in hip hop/rap/R&B/soul/ect. We love Eminem, Adele, Jessie J, Justin Timberlake…hell, we even loved Lady Sovereign. Iggy, however, is a talentless hack.
Radio host: Iggy, give us a freestyle
Iggy: sweats uh ok
Iggy: Ya’ll ready for this?
Iggy: In west Philidelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spend most of my days…
sway:iggy freestyle
iggy:Uh, yeah. Itchy Butt Butt on the track, drop the beat, yeahh. So it’s all about me, and not about you. It feels good to be back, it’s a little overdue. Scooby-Doo, kangaroo, shampoo, Pikachu, chicken stew, barbecue, macachew, daddy cool, Barad-dûr, fake-ass fur, yeah.
lmao when Sway asked her to freestyle,TI immediately takes his headphones and Iggy looks at him like wtf…Black People have no problem ith white ppl entering hip hop..hell the average black men doesnt think twice about himself having any ownership to the music, hip hop heads will always welcome skill and talent..regardless of colour…blacks are angry at this chick cause she impersonate a black girl from the hood/ghetto..she uses the black persona, uses term such sd ” po po”,”murda bizness” to portray herself as in a certain way…you can;t act black in your music and not be black when it comes to black issues.if she just rapped in her normal accent, ppl wouldn;t care..u tink if a black chick went to Australia, rapped in their accent, ppl out there would accept her with open arms??HELL NO…either way she’s whack and nuthn more than an adorable idol for lil boys and girls to stare at…same with britney spears, demi lovato talent but marketable…half the ppl on American Idols, back or white, are far more talented than artists in the actual industry
she rapped a verse from her album… most manufactured artist of this generation. sway lost credibility, he claps for anyone
And of course, you know Twitter is gonna give us some gems:

(LOL at “radio guy”)

Now, I saw this:

^^ This is what I want to know. And to be fair, when I searched for a source of him saying this, all I found were blogger responses to it. I have no idea where it came from. I’m hoping someone lied on him tho.

Anyway, I just thought I would give y’all a good laugh on this Tuesday. Cause WHEW. Let me tell you. I think this one is gonna last me the rest of the week!


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