My Issue With Kim Burrell’s Comments

The position of the church on homosexuality is clear.

Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that. This is not me trying to change or criticize that. However, my position is that the church CONTINUES to address homosexuality in harmful, hateful, and hindering ways. As such with Kim Burrell’s latest comments.

Mind you, her comments were made at her church in front of her congregation, the Love & Liberty Fellowship church in Houston, Texas. She has every right to say what she wants.

It’s still trash. And even more than that, she’s lying on God. Be careful, Sis.

For me, the most troubling part of her little speech is when she says anybody struggling with the spirit of homosexuality in 2017 is going to die.

Oh…really? So not pedophiles? What about liars? Adulterers? Is God killing fornicators too? Or is He JUST focused on those “struggling with the spirit of homosexuality?” Please let me know, you know, since the Lord is telling you who He’s coming for in 2017.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Kim Burrell continued to make herself look silly by going live on Facebook and saying she didn’t say what we all saw her say. LOL. Then she insulted her supporters, asking where are they because she’s never sold a million records nor has she won a Grammy. Oh Sis. Have a seat.

Of course other pastors and ministers have come out to say that people of God can’t be scared to call sin, sin. Listen. THAT is not the issue, here. The issue here is that Kim Burrell (and others) CONTINUE to focus on homosexuality in ways that, as I said before, aren’t helping ANYTHING.

Tell me, what good has come from telling folks they are going to die because of their sexual orientation? I heard one minister basically say his goal is that homosexuals don’t feel comfortable in his church. OH REALLY? Well if THAT’S the case, then EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. in your congregation should feel the SAME discomfort. If your goal is to address sin, then you shouldn’t have time to preach on anything other than sermon after sermon about sin and trying to get people to feel as uncomfortable as possible.

As I said before, the church’s position on homosexuality is clear. There is no need to debate that. At the same time, in MY opinion, the church is (strangely) obsessed with homosexuality and has done a poor job in handling the conversations. There has been NO progress (on THIS issue when it comes to the church). In fact, the way it has been handled has pushed people further away from the church. Some will say “oh well! If they don’t want to hear the truth then they can go!” I KNOW some pastors/ministers/whatever will have that mindset. And really?

By the way, Kim Burrell was supposed to go on Ellen to perform her song with Pharrell from “Hidden Figures.”

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So yeah. That’s done. Canceled. Kim Burrell is no longer appearing on Ellen.

Am I suggesting the church alter their position? Nope. I AM suggesting that the message be more loving and inclusive, and that leadership takes the time to LISTEN to the concerns about the message they are sending out and go on from there.

All in all, I’m thankful for three things:

  1. That God sent Jesus.
  2. That God doesn’t handle folks the way some “Christians” do. Cause grace and love are things. As is correction, but whew…GRACE. LOVE.
  3. That, at the end of the day, God has heaven and hell already taken care of.


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