Just When I Was Hopeful: Chris Brown Carried Out of L.A. Nightclub


So I guess that whole, “I’m not going to party like that anymore” thing wasn’t true, huh?

TMZ reports:

Chris Brown’s hos ain’t loyal, but his bros sure are … ’cause they straight up carried him out of a Hollywood club and into the waiting ride of Karrueche Tran.

Brown was leaving Playhouse in the wee hours of Monday morning, but not under his own power. Brown’s arms were squarely wrapped around the shoulders of two guys … while a few other people cleared the way.

Tran — Chris’ on-again/off-again girlfriend — was waiting in a sick orange Lambo … ready to whisk CB away. No doubt he napped the whole ride.

Here’s the vid:

This makes me sad.  Especially knowing his history (drugs, bipolar, legal). Hopefully it’s just a one time thing or whatever?


Updated: July 1, 2014, 9:50am

According to TMZ, Chris Brown responded to this video:

Chris Brown is now privately admitting he was falling-down drunk after the BET awards Sunday … but says it’s not because he drank to excess — it’s because he can’t hold his liquor.

We posted the video first thing Monday morning … showing an absolutely obliterated CB being carried out of Playhouse in Hollywood.

Chris is saying … he hadn’t had a drink in 6 months — mostly because he was either in rehab or jail. Chris says he was goaded at Playhouse into drinking … by famous folk like Lil Wayne, Tyga and Soulja Boy. They wanted him to celebrate his triumphant return on the BET stage by doing shots.

Chris admits to having the proverbial “several” shots, but that was all she wrote.

Check out the video of Chris at the DJ booth at Playhouse.  He’s feelin’ good, and standing upright … kinda.

This is sad to me.  In order to get better he is definitely going to have to change his environment and the people he associates with.  And I know that is a difficult task for someone in his position.  OF COURSE Lil Wayne, Tyga, and Soulja Boy are gonna offer drinks not caring about his situation.  They don’t care about their own issues.

And then I saw this response to it all on Global Grind:

We don’t blame you Breezy, enjoying a few drinks is cool. Just keep it safe and peaceful. 

I’m sorry, but NO.  It’s not “cool” for someone struggling with mental health and drug issues to drink alcohol.  It’s not.  And I wish that these blogs or whatever who have a demographic of people of color would be more responsible.

It’s not “cool.”

Also: From what I understand, BET was trying to get a Chris Brown reality tv show in the works.  Apparently, he has said it’s not happening. <— GOOD.

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