Kelly Ripa didn’t show up on set for her own show!

Yesterday, news broke of Michael Strahan leaving “Live With Kelly and Michael” to become a full time anchor or “Good Morning America.” A shocker, to say the least, however, it seems like the public weren’t the only ones surprised by the news.

Kelly Ripa did not show up for her TV show Wednesday … and our ABC sources say this may just be the first in a string of absences.

Our sources tell us Kelly made the decision shortly after she was informed Strahan was bailing on her show to co-host “Good Morning America.” We broke the story Kelly was told at 10:30 AM Tuesday, just as the announcement was being blasted out to the media … and she was outraged.

We’re told Kelly feels disrespected and humiliated that she wasn’t given the courtesy of a heads-up. Our sources say she may not show for the foreseeable future.

Michael walked onstage Wednesday with Ana Gasteyer, and he made light of the move.

The ‘Live’ staff is furious at Disney and CEO Bob Iger’s decision to keep them in the dark.


Aw man. This isn’t a good look, for anybody. I understand why Kelly would be upset though. If she really did find out when the rest of us did, that’s not fair to her. She deserved advance notice (assuming the powers that be had it as well).

It’s going to be interesting to see how this is dealt with.

Here’s how Michael handled it this morning:



Updated: April 20, 2016, 11:15am

Apparently Kelly is big mad. She’s refusing to go back on the show until Michael leaves!

No reason was given for the sudden absence and it is now unclear when she will return to the work as multiple sources at ABC tell that Ripa is refusing to turn up to work until Strahan leaves the show.

The sources claim that Ripa was blindsided by the decision to move Strahan, adding that the company thinks the success of Good Morning America is more important than Live, and had grown concerned as GMA has become increasingly threatened by Today in recent months.

A source close to Ripa says; ‘Kelly isn’t making any demands. She is very hurt that Disney hasn’t even spoken to her yet so they are assuming that she isn’t coming back.’

The source adds; ‘She wants to wait and see what happens. She’d also like someone to do the right thing and speak to her face to face rather than plot and plan behind her back.’

Meanwhile, sources claim that the decision to move Strahan to Good Morning America was all the work of Disney Media co-chair and former ABC News president Ben Sherwood.

The sources say that Sherwood is hoping to stabilize Good Morning America and believes that Strahan is perfect for the show’s 8:00 hour.

Even the bosses at Good Morning America were unaware of the move says one source, though a rep for ABC firmly denies this claim.

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Truth be told, I totally understand Kelly’s shock. And I believe that she should’ve been told face to face, before the public was. Maybe like…an hour or so before.

Look. This is the thing. It is common knowledge (at least, for people of color – yes, I took it there), that you say NOTHING to NOONE about your next move until it is a 100% done deal. Cause yeah. People you thought you knew will turn around and try to block it. I’ve seen it happen, and I’m sure you all have as well. So I don’t blame Michael for keeping it on the hush.

Buuuuut I need Kelly to not act like a child and throw a tantrum. This is a huge deal for Michael, and the bottom line is that he did what was best for his career. A conversation should happen between Kelly and Michael, cause IF they are going to be on screen together (if she doesn’t stay away), they have to have a decent working relationship until he leaves. Take some time, but get over it and show up for work, Kelly!


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