Ladies: Stop Sending These Men Your Nudes

The moral of this story is:

Ladies, stop sending nudes to your “boyfriends.

There is currently a “man” on Twitter who is hurt.

See. This chick broke up with him in January. Then she got into another relationship. And now she is engaged. And he (ex-boyfriend) found out via Twitter.

He emoted on Twitter for a little bit. You know, saying how could a woman be engaged already after being with him for just a month blah blah blah.  And of course he put on that “LOL” to try and hide the fact that he needs a whole pack of these:

And then he commenced to leaking every. single. nude. that she has sent him. Her naked body is all on Twitter. Which now means it’s all on the internet.

In fact, he found the Twitter name of her fiance and tweeted the pictures to HIM. He told him that *this* is his soon to be wife.

Two things to note:

1. He is the epitome of a little hurt boy in a grown man’s body. A F*boy is what we call em (keeping it as PG as possible). He’s upset. And he’s acting out like a child.

2. Ladies. If you care about not seeing your pictures all up on the internet, don’t send them off in the first place. The reality is that your little boyfriend is probably gonna be your ex at some point, and now you just gotta trust that he’s not a f*boy and acts out like this when he gets upset. Personally, I don’t have that much trust. And if y’all don’t break up, then maybe he’ll be your husband. Then I mean, whatever. But for now? Nah.

So yeah. Ladies, stop sending your naked pictures to these men’s phones. It’s just not smart.



P.S.  Dude has now deleted his entire Twitter account. Tuh.

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